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Never Ever Reach For me (Irelia/Morello Fanfic)

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In the Halls of The Institute of War

"Why must he follow me... Why does he pursue only me?"
"I have not done anything wrong, I've been a good girl at top lane...", Irelia thought to herself as she dragged her battered and bruised body through the halls.

"Footsteps?, No, it can't be.. He's already found me? How?!!", Irelia panicked. She had no way to defend herself.
THAT MAN had not only smashed and battered her body, but her blades aswell.
They were useless to her now.

Shuffle Shuffle

"Who's there... Show yourself coward! Or I shall end you with one strike.

As Irelia waited for a response, nothing but the sound of the breeze could be heard.

But then...

"Tons of Damage."

"P-Phreak, is that you?"
A wave of relief swept through Irelia's body

"Yes", A faint whisper replied.

"Thank God it's-"
But before Irelia finished, a baseball bat flew through the air and smacked her right in the face.

"AGHH!!! My Face, My Face!", Irelia screamed in pain while kneeling on the floor.

"Just kidding betchhhh~" , A Flamboyant response was heard from the shadows.
"Itsthh Me Morello"
From the shadow a man dressed in a yellow tube top and short shorts had revealed himself.

"Why?! Why do you do this to me?!, Those nerfs in season 2! The weakening of my core items pre-season 3... why?", cried Irelia in pain. Tears flowing through her cheeks.

"Cause I only wanted you for myself.", replied Morello nonchalantly.

As Irelia tried to pick herself up, Morello dashed towards her location. And with a swift swing, landing a critical hit on Irelia's leg with his nerf bat. Immobilizing her.

"AGHHGgh!", Screamed Irelia once more in pain.
"Please, go away! Haven't you done enough with me?', Irelia cried out.

"teehee", Morello giggled.
"With all those nerfs, no one would want to play you! And then you would be all mine ahaHaHA!
Irelia could only watch in horror as the man's short shorts had now fallen to the ground. Revealing his hard member.

Morello, now holding his face and licking his lips.
"Dont worry, Morello will *moan* protect you. Okay? Irelia-Chan?

Irelia Screamed! She didn't want this, no one would.
But as she screamed to the heavens, Morello pressed his fingers upon her lips.
And with a gentle whispered replied....
"Sshh Sshh, No more tears. Only dreams now~

A scream could be heard throughout Valoran.


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And in the background the BR summoners could be heard going HUE HUE HUE

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I thought it was gonna be like a M rated scene...
Then I forgot I wasn't on fanfiction.net.