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Is Sivir supposed to be that skinny?

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Junior Member


So I bought the Spectacular Sivir skin because I love Wonder Woman and Sivir looks like WW with that skin but.... She also looks like a decaying corpse while in game. Her arms are really skinny and her hips really wide. I don't know if I want to play as a starving psycho killer (sorry cho). Is this a bug? Is this why the skin was on sale? Is it going to be fixed? Am I going to have to cry myself to sleep?

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Shadowed Ruby

Senior Member


In Sivir's visual remake, they've promised to make her skinnier, so you won't have to play a starved psychokiller, just a collapsed husk of dead deadness.

Though in seriousness, it'll probably be addressed when she, and the others who desperately need it, get a visual update.