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Early Surrendering Options

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Amatsu Mikaboshi

Junior Member



There seems to be an issue with the following:
Disconnected player before game starts, early game leavers and some people who generally have crashed or just bad internet issues.

It would really help and save others time if you added a "early surrendering" option for people who end up 3v5 or less due to disconnected players.


If a game starts and 2 or more people are disconnected or left the game before 20mins an early surrendering option should be in effect thus saving us 20mins of just frustration.
If the 2 or more people show up before the surrender then that option goes away.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement that into the game but it would really help a lot of us who have had to wait 20mins so that we don't get reported for leaving.
I have had a game with pre-made people where their whole internet failed and I was left 1v5 and it was not fun at all.
I stayed just so I wouldn't get the "leaver-buster" report.

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Jisei no ku

Junior Member


Early surrendering options for people left in a game 3v5 seems like the best way to get people back into a new game and should be supported.

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Should be -5 mins, but after the dc has popped up on enemies screens.