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Silver Kayle

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Hi Guys,

My problem may not mean much to most but to me does mean a lot, and i think i speak on behalf of all those who got LoL collectors edition and were amongst the first to play and enjoy this awesome game, way before it exploded into this mega community, Silver Kayle... she needs some love... i mean its not that awesome. Kayle was the first champ i played and is now my main champ. if you didn't know silver Kayle was awarded to those who redeemed their collectors edition key. and unless I'm mistaken is one of the rarest skins.. and such i think it should be moar EPIC. just because. possibly a avatar could be given also.. i dunno..point is SILVER KAYLE NEEDS A REWORK. ITS TOO PLAIN AND BORING! DOESNT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE A SUPER UBER RARE MEGA AWESOME KAYLE SKIN!

thanks for reading if you did. and i hope to god you find something better to do