@ Morello, Ideas to fix Malzahar

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In today's meta Malzahar lacks the viability he had when he first was released. I have some ideas to get him back into the scene. His damage is fine, but I will go into what his abilities needs to be viable again.

Passive - Fine

Q- Call of the Void- This is where I will address his lack of mobility that most people complain about. I think if this move strikes an enemy champion Malzahar should gain a short burst of movement speed, rewarding him for landing it. He is so easy to gank and chase down, this will make it easier to escape if the move is landed, or chase someone down.

W- Void Pool- Great move. I personally think it should slow enemies inside the pool for a small percentage. Why? Everyone says Malzahar lacks teamfight. With my buff to call of the void, and the void pool slow he can contribute more in a teamfight without his ulti. If you can keep tankier people inside the pool longer you can do more damage sort of like a counterpick to tankier team comps. In the era with tanky bruisers this makes him a good choice since the pool does HP % base dmg,

E- Perfect

R- Nether Grasp- Greatest asset, Greatest weakness. I would really like this move to be immune to CC, but he would still take dmg, but thats probably a bit much to ask. I think you should be able to QSS it, but it would only brake the suppress and not the tether. If you move outside of the range of the tether then it would break, stopping the dmg. Its just so easily broken. Cho gaths rupture stops it olafs ult,, silences taunts, slows etc. Its really annoying. I feel like everything stops it and I would like that to be looked at.

His damage is fine he just needs help to make him viable in competitive play. Phreak said in the Champion Spotlight for Malzahar that positioning him was key. Updating his kit a bit can allow him to not be eaten up quickly in a teamfight and contribute more even without his ulti, but still allowing him to Duel like a boss.Riot please help out my fav champ.

For the Void!!!!!