Rework "Drag Scroll"

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The current implementation of the drag scroll feature currently in League is utterly sub par, inefficient, and not very intuitive to control, along with no option to invert the directions.

If you look at games like SC2 and DotA2, they both have a very nice, intuitive and invertible drag scroll that gives extremely precise camera movements.

As far as I can remember and know, the current drag scroll in league hasn't been touched or changed since shortly after release. I remember trying to use it and get used to it but just not being able to. You have to click and drag about the radius of a ward before it ever moves and trying to actually use that properly isn't very good. It just kind of goes all over the place.

Most modern RTS games these days, and including DotA2 have a properly implemented drag scroll that gives an amazing amount of control over the camera that simply out does regular scrolling and map scrolling when needing to have acute and accurate control over the camera.

Please consider working on this, it really isn't a difficult thing to implement and it would make moving the camera be much more fluid while playing or spectating. Right now the current implementation is essentially useless, it just doesn't work well.

A new implementation that would work as a grab would easily take less than a day, if not only an hour or two to implement. I think finally implementing this would really improve the overall control in the game and make it more accessible to other players who might be used to the other games that have this feature.

Thank you.