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Ezreal or Kog'Maw

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Maxing Kog's W is the way to go for the most part. The main reason you can make ezreal flee is probably because he has a high skill cap and they probably don't utilize him very well. Another thing is you are probably the superior player and sense this is a skill based game for the most part you can win nomatter what champion you are using if you have the appropriate skill. Ezreal can really spam his Q which is where the bulk of his damage comes from. The damage from his Q is good early game and is how Ez does so much damage. Kog maw has abilities that ENHANCE his basic attack where as Ez AD simply makes his Q ability stronger.

I just feel that Ezreal's main game really starts around lvl 10 unless he gets fed early. I still believe Kog'Maw is more consistent at all levels. Kog is still squishy at all levels and still needs to utilize distance at all times.

Kog'Maw is my favorite and I am probably am biased. But, I have laned against Ezreal enough to realize when I will most likely be in trouble with that champ and it's not early unless they have really good support such as a good Soraka or Sona.

You are right. Most people won't play Kog'Maw like me. I have spectated other Kog'Maw players and see that they don't. My only point was to counter the arguments that he doesn't have any early damage. He does. My replays above can show that.

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