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LoL PvP.Net Client Feedback

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Currently running 1.72.12_12_12_17_01 client (my system info at bottom)

Friend's List, Chat, Notifications
Easy to use interface, no issues.
Possible improvements:

  • It would be cool to add notes to people I've blocked (unfriendly, leaver, etc.)
  • Would be a nice to have to understand what available chat commands exist in this client vs. what's available to us in-game.

The Store
Overall good experience, things are easy to find and easy to purchase.
  • Gifting center, I can't see whether or not my friend currently owns a particular champion or skin. Maybe this needs to be filtered once I select my friend? The consequences of sending an item my friend already has is unclear to me at the moment as well.

It seems I have a few personal, technical issues here. I rate this area as needs improvement.
  • For some reason when I use the drop down boxes to select either from runes or masteries, the popup list will randomly close on me while trying to scroll down and is utterly frustrating while trying to pick skills/masteries last second.
  • The game you've created has evolved such that there exists a meta game that is fairly static, but always open to changing as new items/champions and balancing comes in to play; However, while joining queues in elo hell (~1100-1300 where I currently float around) I find myself often playing with people who can only play 1 role, refuse to play any other and you are forced to play with these toxic type players (trolls). I understand that becoming a higher ranked player encompasses knowing and understanding and having the capacity to play all of the roles with a certain level of competency, but my enjoyment factor at this level wanes as I fret to queue into ranked every time. Possible solutions include queue's where 1 selects a role type (either lane roles or class types they prefer to play), while offering perhaps bonus ip or perks to people who queue selecting/checking that they are willing/able to play more than one role. I understand how complicated this issue is having to balance your (IP) economy, player queue time, etc
  • ELO Hell... I think the elo ranges and match making process can better evaluate a player's skill & experience to create more challenging games. I think in the ~1200 rating in which players start and continue to be rubber banded into really has your community at a high dissatisfaction. The pains I have are...
    1. Continually playing with "new" to ranked players. I get that there are benefits of having seasoned players teach these players a new experience and have your community raise/guide them. I find more often than not, these players not "slightly prefer" 1 role over the other, but are only skilled in such and forcing them out of their comfort/skill zone causes much team friction and overall gameplay for everyone. Possible solutions, I think can if they dont already... incorporate games played into the matchmaking algorithm, OR tightening up the rating in which you queue in to (sometimes I feel it is unfair for the top tier player who is at the high end of the bracket to have to "carry" play through someone who is possibly vastly under skilled. > 100+ rating points lower than themselves. I know this may increase queue times, however, I feel many players would enjoy having "closer" more competitive games if they had to wait even an extra 3-5min! to join a game (better than 30!)
    Another possibility could include your new honor system, I dont know what analytics you've pulled from how and why people rate each other and what you think it means to your players, but maybe there's a way to include this point system? Maybe even a new honor category? i.e. one particularly for ranked games that includes both a +1 and -1 button? Just throwing out ideas...
    2. Playing with "toxic" players (trolls)... I think you are aware of how important a gaming community is for a game (as indicated by your overall world success, event coverage, marketing, etc.) I will admit that I have on occasion been pulled into heated arguments, ad hhominem debates if I just can't seem to ignore a particular player insulting or griefing myself or other players to a point where I have just given up on a particular game. I get that in order to become a better player I need to remove myself from these players and no talking is really just the way to go. But is this the type of environment that should be passively fostered? No, I think you've indicated via the tribunal that it should not. It's not an environment that I think you'll be able to attract new players with either. Often times my friends mention to me how harsh and often unwelcome moba games are because of communities like HoN (one of the major reasons I play LoL over other moba's) Your game has a friendlier perception over games like HoN that have a reputation as being more "hardcore". Sorry this has detracted away from the physical HUD, but it seemed by other forum posts this was the best place to put my feedback.

  • When viewing others' profiles, I see my own WL ratio instead of theirs, is this intentional?
  • I only get to see their top rating, and not their current. Intentional?

As a developer myself, I really love seeing/hearing videos from Riot developers/designers/etc. communicating that you're hearing our concerns and addressing issues with the game (I think this goes a long way even if you are only able to offer us speculation!) It means a lot to me to be able to hear and know what you guys are planning on offering or fixing.

My System info (pulled from r3dlog)
OS Version String: Microsoft Professional (build 9200), 64-bit
CPU: GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9, 3500 (0 core)
Measured processor speed: 3508
Display info: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 2147483648
Physical memory: 17179869184