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Is it bad strategy to destroy a turret too early?

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The reasons I am seeing for not destroying a turret as soon as you can make no sense.

You can still farm when their turret is destroyed. Nothing is forcing you to roam. Stay there and farm, and now the enemy doesn't have a turret to run back to if you all in them in a fight.

Minions pushing too far and into dangerous territory? Why would that happen? Freeze the lane. Or, ward their jungle near red and near middle tower so you can farm safely further into their lane. Or get their lane to push back by blocking the pathing of your siege minion. Plus, it is hard to impossible to get cs while minions are under their tower anyways, so leaving the tower up isn't helping their either.

Or, now you can push wave a little further in between killing dragon, blue and ganking mid, so you miss out on less cs.

The advantages are numerous because now they have less map control, and there is no downside.

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Rufus Warbringer:
I was playing as Nunu supporting Vayne in bottom lane. Fairly early in the game, we got the opportunity to take out the first turret, so I destroyed it.

Vayne was outraged, saying I dropped the tower too early and was hurting her farm by doing that.

I do not see the logic in this. My view is that since destroying enemy towers is the ultimate goal of the game and doing so does nothing to slow the flow of enemy minions, which are the source of farm, I might as well take them down whenever I have the chance.

Any ideas where she could be coming from? This was a bad-mannered Vayne--harassing teammates and All-chatting "gg" after our team's first few deaths--so it is possible that she is just a troll.

On the other hand, maybe there is some nuanced strategy that I am missing, so I appreciate any insights, Thanks!

Beat the turret good. Maybe 600-800 hp left.

And when you decide it is time to kill it, near the end of laning, it will be much easier to kill.

Mid turret especially needs to be beaten.

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SeCKS Egai

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Not sure why this thread got necro'd...

But as a Vayne in season 3, if you can take down the turret early you generally want to since you're at a disadvantage during the lane phase and are likely to lose your tower first (assuming your opponents are competent).

If you're farming really well, the turret being up allows you to better control the farm in lane instead of having to worry about minions building up on your enemy's side of the jungle.

But that assumes you're farming well and have solid lane control.

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Devious Rogue

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It's generally a good idea to keep farming if your lane is doing well and you scale into late game. In the case of Vayne, you probably should have left the tower alone, although if she didn't ping you back or tell you in chat to leave the tower... it's not too bad. If she did and you outright ignored her, you're a ****.

On the other hand, if your Team is something like Pantheon, LeBlanc, Shaco, get as many towers as you can, as soon as you can because you want to win when you still can.

As a Nasus/Karthus player, I often just farm under their turret if I kill them or drive them back. Why? Because I like to be left alone to just farm the hell out of my lane. Hell, even if I win most exchanges, sometimes, they end up killing my tower first while I roam. Of course, once the game starts getting late and everyone's just roaming everywhere, I take whatever towers I can.

On the other hand, downing their turret early can be demoralizing. I once downed the other team's top outer turret at 4 minutes in as Xin Zhao Jungle. Good on a purely strategic basis? Maybe not, but it would have been pretty discouraging to their guys at bot. Laning normally and suddenly, you get the sense that your team is losing. Badly.