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If you catch me on LoL, you can send me a message sure. I am not on under that account much though.

You may want to post your questions on our LinkedIn group. That way, everyone gains from your question and responses, and if I can't answer your question, another Rioter can jump in and respond:


In terms of math, I love anything involving the Fibonacci sequence as it is found in nature so frequently and in some beautiful things. As far as theorems go, the Central Limit Theorem makes my job a lot easier, but my favorite would have to be the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic stating that any number is either prime, or has a unique factorization of prime numbers. It is incredibly useful in things like hashing and security. It is mindblowing enough as it is !
Awesome. I made a post on the LinkedIn group

Those are pretty excellent theorems. I'd have to say my favorite equation is e^(i*Pi)+1 = 0, since it uses all of the most important numbers in math and it's quite elegant. Favorite theorem is hard, but probably my favorite is the Residue Theorem, since its pretty geometrically and it allows you to solve some really hard problems with relative ease.

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