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Get rid of recommended, allow custom build charts

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Fizz ln My Mouth



EDIT: bad title, should really say, "Ability to customize recommended items sheet to your preferred build"

So basically how this would work (and yes I realize it would take up server space unless it was client-side, which would be fine) is you could replace the recommended items with items of your choice at the shop, so they're all laid out for you each time you play with that champion.

So say you only play Kayle as a ranged ADC (bit of a troll, aren't you! (PS yes I realize its sometimes viable and often hilarious, moving along)), you could go through the recommended build page and drag and drop items you build for her into the boxes, so as you're going through the game, you can simply pop by the shop and have the items you want/need already laid out for you.

For example, you switch her merc treads on the recommended page for attack speed boots, and you get Doran's Blade (I think she has that in essential or something I don't remember) and put in Infinite Edge, etc etc. Then, every game you play afterwards, your general build is already laid out for you, no more searching, you just open the shop, by your starting item, and head to your lane.