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Over the last week, my elo dropped a lot

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I know its only Normal and Hidden elo, but I've recently come to understand that (at mid / low elo) how SR players feel when the whole world all follow the same train and how frustrating it is. Only in our case it's blind pick and there is no obvious way out

First is the Teemo BFT Rusher Train, then its the Black Cleavers everywhere.
Now It's Kassadin in 90% of the games

Having Blind pick only doesn't help at all, at least if there is ranked, we can prevent some of the blatantly OP

When I say Blatantly OP, at the old days, we had OP things like Rammus or Yorick bot, they still can be handled albeit difficult. But the recent OP stuff are so OP even high elo has trouble finding a way out.

I've even seen chats where people (major Dom players) find SR more Fun now because how certain OP stuff is wrecking the games.
I know Nome said Preseason is a time to try different things and we have to endure this, but is it me or is it too much when some of the things could have a much more immediate solution?