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[Feedback] new 3v3 map

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I dont really like your 3v3 map now ... i think its looking too much like the dominion (wich i dont like) and before gank were more usefull then now ... and now farming is replaced by kills ... wich is not the main goal of LOL... anyway i'm not making the choice of keeping this map or not ... but we should be at least able to choose between the 2 map...

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Axle the Beast



Not sure if you're saying bring back the old map too or not (which I have no opinion on), and I don't really care about any perceived design problems in the current TT because I don't see any (and I really don't see how it's similar to Dominion).

That said, I love the idea of more 3v3 maps as much as I love the idea of more 5v5 maps and Dominion maps. LoL could use more arena variety in general. Totally on-board with that.