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anyone else getting reported by trolls

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It seems almost every game i get in, they will balm someone on the team, and then tell the other team that there doing something there not. one game the guy told the other team i was cursing them out a lot and feeding on purpose and ksing every time i got a kill.

Oddly enough it was fine until most school in the U.S. got out of school for winter break. anyone else dealing with this, i just started to raise my elo and got it almost to gold, when i got all these and it feels stupid to play over winter break even though its when everyone has free time.

This has happened to me about 10 times this week in about 60 to 70% of my matches and i at least want to know i'm not alone in dealing with this level of trolling.

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This is what you have to deal with in every other single online game. For the casual adult players(or even the serious one.) School vacations/time school lets out/weekends can be way worse of a play experience. Heck even late at night like 3-6am is an amazing time to play also. Hell. Ever play WoW? Play Bgs during school hours. Then play after school lets out. Its a completely different game. THats just how it goes. Damn kids!!