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(Suggestion): Custom Colors for champions/skins

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I love the skins and characters on league of legends they are so well done but I feel that most people would love to have a unique color scheme for their favorite champion/skin. I propose that there should be an option where you could change the colors for the champions/skins you own (not the free to play champions in weekly rotations). This will allow for players to express themselves uniquely and allow players to feel like their champion is truly unique. If not for free but to have a set fee like lets say 50 RP(for all currently own champions) or 1500 IP (each individual champion) to have this unlocked for the user. As for premimum skins I would think 100 RP (for all currently own skins) or 2000 IP (each individual skin) would be fair. Overall I think this would be a great option for most of us that have a particular champion we love to play as to add our own personal twist into how our champion's look. Any thoughts and feedback on the idea?