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CC Grace?

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Hello. Awhile back I posted a possible item change to help fix the Twisted Tree Line problems. I have a new idea now that I think will fix the Twisted Tree line. Before I post I am going to stress that when you play random 1 out of 3 times you will not have a person skilled enough to execute your plan. Each time I post I see someone saying do this and that when that all relies on the other person.

Now.. I think that a CC Grace buff will be great. It is nothing more then a buff for everyone all the time. It will prevent the player from getting knocked up, stunned or slowed more then once.

Team Stacking is so rampant in Twisted Treeline it isn't even funny. I see Teams Stack more then one champion either with a knock up or stun. It is in my book unfair in a 3v3 because that one person always gets shut down to the point where you can't play. Top that off with the low cool downs on some of the Champions and it's knock up every fight so it's always a 2v3.

Knock ups are also something that is not covered by Mercury Treads/Zephyr. There is no resistance to it like Stuns and Slows. Even though Stuns and Slows are covered it only reduces the duration of that one stun or slow by 35%. When there is 3 players with a stun or slow it gets to the point where Mercury Treads are no longer effective.

Am I the only one thinking this?