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New Jungler's QQ

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I'm actually amazed at all the QQ threads over the new jungle. The new jungle is amazing, and allows for virtually anyone to jungle(Though some shouldn't).

I can see how people with less experience in the game could see how it doesn't, because they are set on the cookie cutter masteries/runes. You just have to prioritize for your current champion.

Example: My main champion is Evelynn, I'm STILL testing the perfect set up, but I've narrowed it down to 2 masteries, and my Runes pretty much are set.


MS Quints
Armor Yellows

My two mastery pages are:

9/6/15 and 1/8/21 leaning towards the offensive page.

If your jungler lacks sustain you should invest in the health regeneration and spellvamp/lifesteal masteries. As well as much damage prevention as you can.

I've also been playing around with Twitch in the jungle and actually LIKE HIM BETTER in the new jungle because of new item set.

Lifesteal Quints
Armor Pen Reds(Because jungle creeps all have higher armor, I see AD as a waste for a jungler now)
Flat Armor yellows
MR/Level blues

My masteries are 9/6/15 for him. I invest in the spellvamp/lifesteal for him as well as a biscuit for that extra hit points in the beginning and it gives me some more mana so I can start at red if I want to.

Now, just for the sake of proving all these QQ threads about the new jungle are wrong about it being more difficult, I (In a bot game, BREATHE PEOPLE) took Karthus(Which works surprisingly well), Tristana, Soraka, and Kog'Maw. (Machete+5 pots on all, biscuit on some)

Kog'Maw was the only one I could not start at blue->Wolves->Wraiths->Golems->Red->Wraiths with 2 hp bars or more left after that clear time. Kog Maw made it to the last wraiths but could not finish without dying, which is because he lacks any sustain or early game.

Karthus actually cleared quite well, and with 9% spellvamp he was the highest of the group, around 3/4 life at that point.

Soraka did well, as well, having half life at wraiths.

Tristana did pretty well, leaving wraiths with a little over 2 bars of health.

Those are all I've tested because I've ran out of free time at work, so I'm going to leave it at this:

If you do not optimize your early game for getting through the jungle, do not expect to get to late game because you're busy QQing over how hard the jungle is.

Once you get through your initial clear, you should easily have enough money to buy the orb and have enough sustain to make it through.

To put it all in one sentence:

Please, please... fix your runes/masteries for the jungle if you're going to jungle in Season 3, and do not jungle unless you can clear by yourself in a bot game first.

I promise you there are few champions that cannot jungle now. Now for jungle soraka.... you need to just stay on Facebook. It can be done, though.

Also, remember: Your teammates should damage either wolves/blue or wraiths/red for you in each game. If they aren't, they should not expect anything from you early game. Politely ask for damage at both as the game starts, because people will say" YOU CANNOT LEASH NOW" if you ask for a leash. It is leashing, its just different.

If you're lucky, you'll get someone like me who will take about a bar of their own health so you can go through the jungle with more. I'll regenerate most of it before I even get to lane, so everyone should practice this if you're top or bottom ( Dep on red/blue and blue/purple)