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Extreme Lag

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So I am home from college for the holidays and I noticed that suddenly I have 300 ping every game. I tried posting in help and support, no response, tried sending in a help ticket, which has had no response as of making this post 11 am central.

For starters, this is the same internet I left this past summer before going back to my apartment at college (where I have around 100 ms every game, which is manageable) and I never had this problem before hand. The internet here has not changed, same provider and everything.

So seeing as riot never responded to my post last week or my support ticket (granted I gave it a few days seeing as Christmas was coming up) I guess I will take my chances here on the general forums because to be honest this game is barely even worth the hassle if I have to both outplay my lane and the riot servers.

EDIT: League is the ONLY game where I have any problems with lag/delay/ping.