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95% of the supports I have played with compete for CS at the ~10 min mark

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Felix Drake



As an AD Carry, my job is to do nothing but sit there and last-hit for the first 20ish minutes of the game. I won't focus on kiting, I won't focus on fighting them, I won't focus on the map. Your job is to zone them and keep me alive, pinging when their jungler is coming to gank. My job is spend all my energies farming so that I carry you in lategame.

Do you even watch tournament and high ELO play? If an ADC spend the first 20ish minutes of the game not kiting, not fighting them, not focusing on the map, ignoring all ganks and dragon kills, and expecting their support to do nothing but babysit them for 20 minutes (and also ignore dragon kills and ganks other than those targeted at the ADC), they would more often than not be throwing the game.

Your job is to DPS down anyone trying to gank your underfed support (though they generally provide the CC to make it happen, and should try to let you get the killing blow). Your job is to sometimes farm the lane alone while the support helps with a gank in bottom jungle. Your job, while it does not involve PLACING wards, includes being aware of incoming and MIAs. Your job is to either help with dragon kills, or hold the lane while the support does so when necessary (and be prepared to team fight at dragon if it comes to that.
Your job is ALSO to get gold in large amounts so you can get to that late game autoattack DPS as early as possible, through a mixture of lane CSing, grabbing jungle while your jungler ganks/counterjungles, and actually getting kills and assists (preferably kills, but everything helps).

If we're gonna talk about "what the meta demands", let's hold the role that we are feeding the most to the same high standards we seem to be demanding of the role that INTENTIONALLY takes a dive in income, AND shoulders most of the shared gold costs (group buff and warding), then continue to starve of gold for the rest of the game, even gold that would otherwise be lost since no-one else is there to farm it.

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Senior Member


Sheeze man, I used a term in a way that means something else by mistake, being unclear doesn't make a strawman.

And classic example Karma.


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Senior Member


If the laning phase has broken down and I can pick up CS where I can without slumping on my other duties, I'm going to get the CS, I'm not going to leave that for the minion wave or the tower to waste.

I will say 10 minutes seems a bit early for things to be breaking down that much for you to be getting cs as a support. However, Supports are not little servants to be thrown the scraps. I can't think of how many times I supported as Kayle and ended up carrying as hard as the adc to get a win.

Instances where a support should get cs:

1. if the adc backs and the wave is pushed to your tower.
2. if a wave is pushing in mid game and no one is within a reasonable distance (meaning if you're an adc back at fountain, and I'm right by the minion wave up top hitting the tower, I'm not going to leave the cs to be wasted just so you can take forever to get to the wave...not happening)
3. Wherever else you can grab a few after warding, protecting, pushing, defending etc. etc. etc.

The point is for the supports to be smart and the carries to not be all butt hurt. I hate hearing a carry whine when it's mid game and I'm grabbing a few extra creeps but the carry missed a TON of cs during laning phase. If you're that worried about being behind, work on your mechanics.