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I decided to check out one of your chat channels, oh boy what a mistake that was.

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So much spam in those chat channels of LoL. The main issue is the constant links to different websites. Most of the links are malware and scams to free nothings. Isn't easy just to remove "http://" '.com" "www" keywords all together? I know certain live streams has a bot that will simply remove anything that is close to a link and add <URL removed>. Please, for the love of your fans have something close to this it will bring less clutter to chat rooms. I notice so many scams from these outside websites links from chat rooms a simple bot can remove everything. It will also reduce the people in chat rooms only being there just so they can spam.

P.S also, remove the copy option. It seems LoL is just adding to the problem. No need to have a copy and paste in the mouse right click in chat rooms. It makes copying to spam websites easier to copy.