Solo Q Rank System A Joke?

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Is it just me or do everyone else feel like the solo q rank system is joke and just lazy?

I don't get the reason why I should lose elo points because of my team mates play...

Its almost impossible to carry a team mate that goes 0 and something now to have two of them on your team is just impossible..

ive been playing ever since the rank q started and never was happy never was please with the amount of players that troll,feed,or just don't care to just throw the game and also underskilled players...and the bad part of it the players that do what they can and try and do well and win there spot or do well get punshied for it? why? just because they call some one a noob feeder troll or you suck get them ban? isnt it the truth why the reason they lost is on the bad player...don't you think they should lose elo points and not the good team mate that try. i think they need to let other players know what they think because lets face if some does well u tell them good job some one does bad don't you think they should know about it aswell??? you think if the trolls and feeders and underkilled players didnt play there wouldnt be players raging or saying anything at all?

ITS SOLO Q...don't you think the elo points should be giving out from your performance and not the team performance because lets face it. I didnt ask them to play there champs they pick or choose the team comp everyone does it on there own.. now 5v5 ranks are base on team well its because they made there team..they choose there comp...

well what iam try to say is...I think u need to fix up SOLO Q want to know how?

1 honorable points are giving come dishonorable pts aren't i feel if you did this the players the get dishonorable wont be able to play solo q in tell they step there game up and get more honorable pts.. and if they solo q up for ranks and people see a dishonroable team mate they will dodge...

2 i feel when you q up you should choose your lane..before you q up... for example.
support q for solo q...adc q for solo q...and so on etc. i feel if people know what they want to do then do it and when u do you champ select everyone knows what there doing and gets the team ready...

3 if you gave out elo pts its should be based on ur play how this works...well k.d.a feed back from team mates.. i feel if u won the game that should be a auto 10 pts if you lose the game you get - 5 pts but here where its gets good.. say u do well in ur lane u would get 3 pts for a win lane if you lost ur lane would get 2 points.. now at the end of the game if ur team mates feel like they lost u the game they can give u 1 point and for those that feel they got bad team mates can - 1 point... to me if u did a system something like this for 1 it would have players try... 2 it would lower the rage and people talking **** to lower %.. reason why is they will know at the end of the game they can lose points or win points and as for self performance i think you would try hard and try to get your points...

well thats all I got please comment and tell me what you think??

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I don't think there's any need for a change. The purpose of the ELO rating is not to display someone's individual skill, it's to predict the outcome of a game, and Solo Queue uses it to make balanced teams with a close to 50% win chance for each team. League of Legends is a team based strategy game, and the ELO rating motivates players to try to win, as that is how the ELO reward is determined. Your suggestion, which I understood to be 'ELO should be more based on individual skill/KDA ratio', would motivate players to only worry about their KDA, and thus not work with the team towards winning. If their was a new ranking system which represented KDA, then players could abuse this by getting a couple of early kills and 'hiding'/camp at alter/etc the rest of game and rinse and repeat to secure an extremely high KDA.

I feel like the only reason you're so upset about the current rating system is that you want to be at a higher number than what you are but can't get there, or you feel your ELO is lower than what you think it should be. I'll assume you're stuck in a lower ELO where it's common to find trolls/under-skilled players (not saying I'm the best, as I am only ~1300, and not saying there's anything wrong with that because there definitely isn't!). Let's do an example, and say every single game you play there's exactly 1 troll/under-skilled player out of the 10 total players. Now assuming that you aren't a troll or under-skilled, that means that the other 9 players have an equal chance of being that troll, or each player has an 11% (actually 11.11111%) chance of being the troll. Out of the 5 people on your team, only 4 could possibly be the troll (because it's not you). On the other team, any of the 5 could possibly be the troll. That means that your team has a 44% chance of having the troll while the other team has a 55% chance of getting the troll. According to this math, you should be winning 55% of your matches EASILY (with a troll on the other team) and moving up in ELO. If you are not moving up in ELO, that means one of the assumptions was wrong, my guess it being that you are not the under-skilled player.

The bottom line is this: just play the game to have fun, use 'increasing your ELO' as a motivation to get better, and don't blame others because negative reinforcement will only hurt others.