Fix Pre-Queue Dodging

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So this is an issue I have started to run into a lot more lately. It started with Dominion matches but has come up in SR more often and it would be nice to see some sort of fix implemented. You can easily notice it when you are re-queued several times for one game because people fail to choose accept or people constantly decline matches.

A bunch of friends will click to start a game all at the same time. (But not technically matched up so its still solo/duo queue.) When they are selected for a game, but before clicking "Accept" "Decline" or timing out, they query the packet to see who the other people in the game are. If they are not arranged with most on one team and 1 on the opposing team, they just decline the match/timeout and retry until this arrangement happens. (Which this dodge of course incurs no penalty since its before champ select.)

This allows the solo guy to report on his teams champ selects, strategy, position, and to throw teamfights all without the obvious appearance of "feeding" his buddies. But if you look in their match history you will notice they almost always play in a game with the same people.

I've been told that Riot views this issue as "too hard to fix since so many people do it". However there is a partial solution that would at least make this less attractive for those doing it until a real solution can be implemented.

Remove the option to "Decline" a match, only allow "Accept" or timing out of accepting the game. You still need the timer to prevent AFKers, but you add a penalty for not accepting the match. (Similar to the dodging penalty in champ select) Because honestly, if you are in queue to play a game you should be ready to play and not declining matches anyway.