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How does this sound?

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So, in my experience with the rank ques, the lobby seems to be hectic. As per summoners code, it's order of pick over calling the lane you'd like to play. But in a lot of games a player will troll their way to getting a lane. What if riot had a lobby honor initiative? An example would be two players calling mid, and the one below says he is going to troll if he or she doesn't get it. If the top pick player switches roles, the player could get a thumbs up for putting the team first. And in the event of a loss, that player would lose less elo ( only like 1 to 3 depending on elo level ). This may help ease for rank ques and stop a little of the trolling. I know the report system and post game honor initiative is already a viable way to thank or report a player, but sometimes its not enough. at least this way community players will start to work together, maybe. What do you all think?