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Fiddle is completely broken

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Axle the Beast



"Get there first, and get him first. Fiddle cannot survive a good focus, no matter how much AP he has on Drain. Sometimes focusing him might be better than running if he Crowstorms. Ill-timed Crowstorms are fatal for a Fiddle."
don't apply this too a 1v1 situation unless you have a grevious wounds thing on him......it just doesn't work.
honestly just make sure you have a good solid stun/silence/knockaround ready for him

I've lost 1v1 against the right champ doing the right things. Maybe not with crowstorm on. Either way, I wasn't referring to 1v1, hence the word "focus". :P As you said, a good disable does the trick, and generally good burst AD champions do the trick as well.

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Senior Member


The key to fiddles is saving your ability with CC for his drain. Your kit may normally lead you to initiate with it but you have to hold it back, even if its a big part of your damage or your gap closer. He won't do any significant damage until he starts draining, so even if you can't do much damage without blowing your CC that's ok.

It may be tempting to try and CC him before he fears, but that's usually a mistake. Unless you've got him so out of position that you'll blow him up he's going to fear and drain you as soon as the CC wears off and a lot of the damage you did during it is going to be wasted. You can't stop the fear with your CC, just delay it a little. You can stop the drain.

If you're a bit tanky and he opens on you with a fear + drain it may be the better decision to eat that first drain or try to break the last couple seconds of it by running away before re-engaging. If you're a tanky-dps you're probably better off breaking the 2nd drain as soon as it starts rather than break the first one halfway through. A fiddles who has had a drain broken as soon as it starts is probably a dead fiddles.