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Help me gain elo? (Legit thread)

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So I have been trying to raise my elo significantly. I was 800 in season 2 and now Ive gotten up to 1298 then dropped back to 1180 or so. However I just don't understand how to "carry" games. I've looked up every guide that says "how to get out of elo hell". I've google searched it. I've tried everything they suggest. I've tried not speaking ever and muting my entire team. I've tried talking and communicating. I've tried everything. I focus, I'm legitimately trying to get better at this game so I can play with people who like to play a legitimate game. My friends are terrible and so I'm stuck solo queuing.

I just don't understand. Do I not know how to play this game? Am I not nice enough? I try and get my team to take dragons and barons and towers. It's one thing getting them to go that direction but it's a whole other thing for them to know how to do it. I can't get them to group up after the first tower goes down. I try and help and work with them. I don't understand how elo is a true reflection of your skill if this game is so dependent on team performance? Do I really have to type and tell these kids how to play? I don't want to do that I just want to play and have fun.

I try to change the way I play based around my elo. I try and play the positions that are the best to "carry yourself" out with, but I just don't know anymore. I'm looking for actual help. Like what do I do when all 5 of their team members are mid pushing and I can't convince our top lane to come help us. "please darius we need you" "hey panth we could really use your help"....like wtf? Don't these people want to win?

Wards are placed. No one reacts to them.

We wipe their team. No objectives taken, we just farm.

We actually make it to dragon. Don't know how to kill it and bail so we live and get dragon if things are risky or sketch.

First tower goes down, their team roaming as five ready to win. My team farms.

Ping that I'm ganking. No reaction from team. They expect me to go first and tank like a bauwse when I'm a squishy jungler. Or they don't help me complete the gank.

Like I listen to all these stupid "elo hell guides" and it's always missing something. The second part to everything I just listed above. How do I do that for my team? How do I carry that part? I don't understand.

I'm looking for strategy and legitimate help here. How do I do the whole "carry your team" thing while also having fun? I just don't understand what I could be doing when so much is dependent on teamwork. I just want to get better and I feel like I'm just making myself angry rather than learning. All I learn from my ranked games is that this is the worst community of dare I say human beings I've ever seen in a game. As you can tell I'm a little frustrated, and I know it's just a game, but I really enjoy it. I just want to get better and have fun while also having some proof that I'm good. All help and advice is appreciated. I'm not doing the "I belong at a higher elo" thing. I'm doing the "I understand it takes some work and effort to raise elo and improve myself how do I get there?".

If a certain situation helps with giving advice. All of my lanes are losing. My team doesn't know how to team fight (focus/peel/protect). My team doesn't know how to group. Just imagine they are the most inbred cavemen you've ever met. How the hell am I supposed to carry that? What exactly do I do in that situation?

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yoshi guy

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I think I told you this before in GD but it takes years to get better, there is not get-rich quick scheme, no ultimate guide, no sure-thing strategy to get you elo that you couldn't get by your own skill.
Listen carefully to this though, because I guarantee it will help you with this problem.

Forget about your elo. Don't look at it, don't worry that you just lost 5 games in a row, because a year from now those 5 losses will man nothing.

It's much better to lose and learn a key point in the game then to win, gain 10 elo and learn nothing.

If you REALLY want to get better you need to FORGET ABOUT YOUR ELO and try your best to enjoy the game.

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Xms Sick

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I was 501 elo last season, I've now got up to 1347 this season currently at 1180'ish ive went down to 920 this season and what I learned, don't care if you win or lose just play to have fun don't rage at your team it does nothing, I know its harder said then done I sometimes rage when there's a kid that went 0/10 but if someone makes one mistake don't hound them for it just play your best and have fun win or lose, its impossible to win every single game so just accept that you will lose

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I agree a lot with yoshi. The elo number probably means too much to you.

You said you went from 800s to 1200s. It sounds like what you've done, listened to, or learned has been successful.

I had a similar climb from 900 flat to 1330.

There are a lot of problems you run into at 1250. People on the other side are now probably higher skilled so you can't individually dominate the opposing team. I think at this point communication, exceptionally friendly/positive attitude, and realizing both you and your team WILL make mistakes becomes more important than before.

Minimizing the cost of either your or a teammates' mistake can save many more close games. E.g. I get caught in their jungle with 3+ enemies nearby, most teammates may react to help, but you know you're screwed and now they just got screwed... Instead you ping them back or peel.

D/c's and trolls will still happen. So you need to win close to 75% of games that go relatively uninterrupted.

Last bit, don't rush nor fret your elo climb. It takes time and more time if you rage backwards :-)

Best of luck

Good luck sir.

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1200s are the high variance range. I hate variance.

Going from your first post...I'd actually say you need to fix your mechanics first and foremost. You list all the teamwork skills and whatever, but make no mention of your own KDA or the usual things found in these threads. Either you fix your mechanics, or you accept that you're maining support/jungle to 1500. Which isn't guaranteed either - a switch to support/jungle main simply shifts the focus from mechanics to decision-making, and your decision making isn't necessarily the best, it takes practice like everything else.

Here's some things to check:
- are you itemising correctly and situationally?
- are you averaging 100cs by 15min in a csing role? if not, why the heck not?
- are you correctly positioned in lane and in teamfights?

Add me if you want me to go over your profile in more detail or spectate a game so I can critique your play.

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Senior Member


1) it takes time to get out of elo hell. you will rise, then fall, rise, then fall, rise, then fall and so forth but at the end of it you will be a higher ranking than you were before.

2) if after playing a good 50+ games you are still the same ranking.....i'm sorry to say thats where you belong. don;t give me **** about "but i get trolls, and afk, and unskilled" because guess what, the other team gets that **** too. its elo hell for your opponents as well.

3) you will lose games while you raise your elo......if you win every 3 out of 5 games you will raise elo eventually. so don;t focus on the games you lose, just get better and play more games

4) don;t "change your playstyle to fit the elo". thats the most horrible thing i;ve ever heard. pick the champs you do the best with, and play the way where you get the best results. if you don;t belong in that elo then you are more skilled than your opponent so you can get ahead. i went from about 1000 to 1500+ just using kog maw this season. i focused on getting farm and kills. helped when i had to but by the time mid/end game happened i was fed enough to carry my team.

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Play a snowbally champion, playing AP mid, as someone like Kat, who can snowball if they win lane and then go around and win lanes for other people. Don't rely on teammates, but don't play for the win, losing is part of the game and if it wasn't I'd be Chaox too.

Carrying a game means not just doing your part, not just making calls for your team to do, but doing the part of other people FOR other people and leading by example, which sometimes means initiating as an AD carry, just go get your bruisers to jump in, and when someone makes a call and refuses to go with yours, don't try and make people see sense, just go with it, and try and make that plan as less hazardous for your team as possible.

Just go with what ever happens, try and help in every way you can, do things your not expected to do, and not worry when your efforts weren't enough.

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It helps to play duos with good friends and try to get roles you're good at and be at least decent in other roles. Two people can turn a game around a lot harder than just one.

And if you're on Skype or something, it's even better. I main support and my friend is often the jungler, so I can tell him enemy ward timers and schedule a gank when their support is replacing their ward and stuff like that.

Or when we saw the enemy top missing and I was in duo with our top laner, I let him know and he pushed the creeps hard to the tower, then let the lane reset, denying the enemy about two or three full waves, damaging their tower and putting them way behind.

So I guess I'm saying to do your best and work together to take whatever advantages you can find. Duo is nice because you always know that at least one of your teammates really has your back. Speaking of which, it's good for morale if you do whatever you can to bail your team out, even if it doesn't amount to much (just try not to feed them an extra kill). More than a few otherwise-decent teams have fallen apart due to raging. And if you do manage to bail someone out who was in deep, you'll find that they're generally a more reliable ally. It's a team game, so being willing to blow both flash and your ulti to save someone can turn things around, especially when the respawn timers are huge, and many people like to hold those back for their own advantage, even when blowing them might do the team more good.