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New Skin: Nuke Town Teemo

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Ya. Name says it all.
I'm working on a custom skin for Teemo. I'm posting my ideas here as I work. (BTW, I give Riot Games all legal permission to take this skin, or be inspired by it.)
The main attraction: The shrooms; they look like a red targeting mark. Then, when an enemy steps on them, a mini-missile falls on them, EXPLODING.
I was thinking of Teemo with an old-style gas mask. His maps would instead be radio-active rods. His attacks would be glowing green rods as well, but shot from the gas mask, instead of a dart shooter. (Kinda like an elephant, I would imagine it looking like.)
When he activates his "move quick" his pants will glow green, and he'd say "Hot, hot, HOT!" or "That doesn't go there!". I believe that would be fun.
His blinding shot would be blue, and make the enemy's head glow blue while blinded.
His poison effect would be green bubbles rising and popping around the champion. (That would be a tad annoying to animate, I'd think, but I have plenty of time.)

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That'd be cool