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Well, it was fun...

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The Bitterness

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We have been pressing for this for a while... So far no official riot response on Kassadin.

Riot has come through for us on other OP champion issues:
Teemo was nerfed, and with lightbringer and the pending hextex sweeper update to reveal teemo shrooms, he is going to be much more manageable.

Additionally BfT and BC helped restore viability to mages and melees.

Riot isn't doing nothing, but they are certainly moving slowly and carefully.

What Riot needs to do is not continue to nerf champions when nerfs are not needed. Kassadin is not a problem and Teemo is not a problem, however they are both problems on Dominion. That last part is very important because they were not designed with Dominion in mind, I've ventured before on these forums that not a single champion was designed with Dominion (or Twisted Treeline, for that matter) in mind.

What Riot needs to do is something that ArenaNet did with Guild Wars and what SOE did in a different way with EQ2: change the way abilities function in different modes. Dominion plays out very differently than Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline because Dominion is, inarguably, about thoughtful, aggressive PvP and objective capturing. SR and TT, while PvP is certainly a part of it, is much more about passive-aggressively fighting while farming to snowball a victory. Dominion isn't like that, at all, yet champions that have been designed with that in mind continue to remain unchanged and more continue to pump out.

Guild Wars, across all three campaigns and the lone expansion, has over 1,500 different skills. League of Legends has much less than that and, notwithstanding the complexity of going over the items, should have a much easier time balancing the various game modes than the small staff at ArenaNet did balancing all of the Guild Wars skills for PvE and PvP.

Riot wants to say that they are committed to e-sports and that League is actually a competitive game. They aren't and it isn't. It's not going to be easy to rebalance each and every champion across the different game modes, it could take a whole year, and in that time Riot can release new champions following this path, but it's something that Riot needs to do to be taken seriously. Hell, it may even solve part of the 'we need ranked now!1111!1!!one!!!!' dilemma. What we need from Riot are serious, thoughtful posts on improving in this direction, less crowd sourcing from Nome, less Red fluff posts and more thoughtful talk about real, meaningful change to make not just Dominion but all game modes competitive.

...then we wouldn't need to see ridiculous threads about any champion needing a nerf, they would have been designed well from the beginning.