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Hello guys! Recently Syndra went on sale and since I'm trying to get all champions I bought her, she always seemed very interesting to me anyway so it didn't feel bad when I bought her.

Anyway I've been using her for some days now and she's very very fun to use, except for... well... using her makes my team loose, and I can tell it's entirely my fault... Sometimes I get so focused on my balls (lol) that I forget what's going on around, other times I gotta be REALLY quick in executing someone and end up using a 2 balls (lol) ult, only to leave the enemy with a silver of life, and believe me after casting everything you've got with syndra, your autos won't complete the job and the dead one will be syndra herself...

So, naturally, I tried looking for some guide on her but, oh the surprise, almost NO guides of syndra :S only a semi-ok one from solo-mid and one from mobafire that I haven't checked but it talks about muramana (Which I think could work but... just read on)

Since there was no guide out there I thought of just throwing off everything I've learned about Syndra in this post just so maybe, we all could make a syndra guide from the ground up! So far it looks like this:

-Syndra is not an early game champ, her bases are quite low! barely 70 dmg from each ball minus resistances (30 mr is base on everyone) Therefore you NEED Magic pen runes, masteries and boots.

-Syndra's stun is awesome to save teammates being chased, though, it's cooldown is a bit high and honestly without that stun all Syndra has to offer is doubful damage.

-Tear is... good late game, and you CAN charge it quickier than with any other caster, though, rushing it will leave you behind in damage a lot and without damage all Syndra can offer is a stun =/ ganks will be unsuccessful even if you land your stun, you NEED damage, a chalice will at least give you some magic resist and it works better at keeping your mana pool up.

-Liandry's is good on her as long as you buy a rylai's as soon as possible, since most of her spells are AoE they will only burn for half the regular amount, rylai will bring that back up and give you an awesome slow and suvivability!. Plus you can begin rushing a Haunting guise for more magic pen which is very good on Syndra.

-Rushing raw AP (Deathcap, Deathfire grasp...) is not quite good on Syndra her ratios are meh and the chances of hitting ALL skills is not 100%.

-S3 brought down cdr builds, they are much more expensive now but in order to maximize Syndra's damage CDR is sadly a requirement! still there is a setup that can bring you to exactly 39,89% cdr which is perfect! CDR glyphs (5,89%), and full CDR mastery from the offensive tree (4%), Athene's holy grail (15%) and deathfire grasp (15%) that way you don't have to exchange magic pen boots! though it's quite.expensive!

-Her passive just adds flavor I guess and it's one of the reasons why Syndra herself is a late game champ, getting it's full potential will need you to reach lvl 18... the only skill worth maxing right away is Q, and with PBE changes her ult gains a whole 75 units leaving it at 750... not even the range of her Q -.- but oh well it's something I guess.

-Q does good damage when maxed and it can be tricky to avoid, plus you can cast it while moving so it's a good skill for poking! it has 800 range (plus half the radius) so it's not THE BEST, but you can manage!

-W is the basic skill with the most damage, though the hardest to use correctly!
In order to farm you can W a LOW HEALTH minion, throw it on the magic minions and Q at the same time, that's 4 guaranteed minion kills!
Against champions I find it a bit harder to land, nowadays everyone is faster than Syndra's E, even if you cast it like a mad man (also low ping is no good for this ), sometimes I wish I could use it like Nami's Q but that would be too OP I guess. Using a minion to slow a champ is fun BUT you'll loose your finest skill to maintain a ball up so in my opinion wasting it with a minion is only acceptable if you're not planning on using your ult.
Against jungle monsters it has some nice effects but they are so small it's not even worth taking advantage of them :S if you're close to them you could use it I guess but you'll be so focused on optimizing the use of your balls that it's gonna go past yourself and not even notice it :S

-E is an awesome stun, plus technically you can stun a whole enemy team... though the range on the skill itself is a bit short, 650 units, that's less than your Q so beware of it. I haven't still figured out what's the travel distance of a ball or if it depends on how close you're of it (LoLwiki states that's the case though I haven't seen a regular behaviour for this), I can tell you that it's hella long though, stunning someone that far away only works to show them that you know how to use the skill... or if they're getting ganked it could help a lot, the damage from the skill itself is ok but you won't be using it for the damage component that often. This skill also extends the duration of the balls it hits for a tiny bit.

-Last but not least her ult has good damage but it's always suffered from the micromanagement Syndra entails :S, landing a no balls ult feels AWFUL, when you manage to bring it up to 2 it still feels lackluster, the loved 3 balls ult is the one that feels ok but it's so damm hard to think straight while your teammates are dying. Finally, the legendary 4 balls ult will feel like a waste of energy ._. you did all this micromanagement! and MAYBE your target died but it was so low that it maybe could of died with a 3 balls ult...

-Syndra can hardly 1v1 anyone, she will NEVER have the upper hand but she can put up a fight. Early game be sure to have the jungler's help just so you can rack up some kills, also push but don't waste your mana, you'll probably want to gank a lane and feel free to do so but beware! syndra's ganks are THAT good; mid game never walk alone, stun some enemies, save some allies, late game throw your balls on the ADC and be sure to stun as many enemies as possible.

-Last words: I think... THINK Syndra could be a good support, like Zyra, she can have a lot of brush control and her stun could work wonders, the downside of it might be that if you get no farm, you'll be behind in damage, plus balls give no vision unless you pick them with W and throw them again AND it hits something x_x

Feel free to comment on this guys! together we can make a viable guide for this fun champ! She needs one! Plus I know there are somethings I'm missing and/or don't know! I'm not a high ELO player!

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Hey! well I got no comments but I'm willing to bump this with a bit more info on Syndra!

Yesterday I got into a 1v1, Syndra vs Syndra match with a friend of mine who specializes on using mid champs! his mains are Anivia, Malzahar, Brand, etc, and he always liked Syndra! though, according to him she's too hard to use and her damage is not really comparable to other mage picks!

I ended up loosing the match because of some mistakes on my part! and I'm willing to list them in here just so you try avoiding them!

-Focus on Last hitting, not harrassing. Avoiding the action of harrasing with Syndra (for me) is quite hard, her low cost Q is like candy u.u but you GOTTA save mana for when you need it and well we all know the importance of last hitting. Also stay behind, you've got some good range on your autos and Q so even if it looks tasty, do not overextend! (this is more of a general gameplay advice but Syndra gets punished a LOT when you don't follow common sense...)

-I underestimated the power of W, according to my friend, it's best to level up W first, since the slow is very VERY powerful and the AoE of the spell is quite big. I still doubt that leveling it first is the best choice but seriously, he punished me so hard for not avoiding it that I'm tempted to at least try it!

-Also I mentioned how hard it's to hit a clean W, be it with a minion or with a ball; according to him, it's not THAT hard, since the spell is almost instant... which I cannot seem to understand yet. In my head I gotta let it leash and calculate travel time, in HIS head such time does not exist, hence why he was successful with his W's... So... well, try to avoid thinking too much on it? and just use it "as if it were Brand's Pillar of flame" according to his words... the slow on the skill is superb! so in my case I gotta learn how to use it more!

-Never stop moving! Syndra doesn't need to! If you see the enemy going a way around his minions don't just harrass with Q or wait for a perfect stun! Run! Move! and punish the enemy for harrassing you while moving! this is one of Syndra's best traits! EXPLOIT IT!

-Hextech revolver gives Syndra some nice survivability, I forgot to mention it on the first post but I tend to build it on her too, the thing is, I build it AFTER Athene's and Liandry's, according to my friend you need it way before that, as a matter of fact I caught him building haunting guise, chalice and hextech revolver first and then upgrading them one by one. Hextech revolver has awesome synergy with her ult since it's single target you heal yourself for a LOT.

-He seemed to learn how to stun from a long range from me, and how to ult with several balls! though In my head the perfect way to play syndra is changing between his playstyle and mine which means sometimes you focus on hitting W while moving and poking with Q and sometimes you focus on hitting the stun and juggling your balls for perfect ults.

There! big bump!!! please comment guys!! Syndra needs you all!

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Hello! Hige here again with another bump to this lonely thread about the funnest champion in the league! This time covering the perks of Support Syndra and the newly (at least for me) discovered taste of Muramana Syndra!!!

-Syndra support is very nice, her bases are ok and at max level Q can hit quite hard even without any ap, her harrasing and poking power is quite important too so take advantage of that!

-As a support the utmost important thing to do is to keep bushes under control! before I talked about Q having a way of giving vision! this is how you do it: Q + W and send it on a bush!, bam instant vision! albeit small it can be used to scout quite well! E can also be used to check bushes if it hits an enemy and stuns them you'll gain temporary vision of them! You can charge your tear this way and you'll be helping your adc!

-Not everything can be good, so Syndra support has its downsides... a long range stun without warning will simply push the lane (since enemies adc tend to stand behind them, you'll be trying to hit him and in the process you'll hit minions ) an adc such as vayne, ezreal or corki could take more advantage of such a long range since they've got a gap closer! but if your adc is more focused on last hitting (as they should) then you should save your stuns and use them more wisely!

-Another downside is warding and gold in general! since you're not last hitting you'll starve in gold and since there are some items you crave, buying them will leave your team wardless , I'll give you some tips up ahead in order to avoid this!

-I think Muramana Syndra is just and the same Support Syndra, I haven't tried mid with this build yet, but given the skirmishes that happen in mid (at least at my ELO) putting yourself behind like this will most likely hurt your team =/ at least as a support you can cover your weaknesses with the adc and his with you! plus you'll be free to focus on stacking your tear without worry for last hits! Just save your E in order to save your buddy or you'll get raged at a lot.

-Gold as I said is hard to adquire as Support Syndra, if you happen to be unsuccessful on skirmishes in bot you'll be starved and I mean STARVED! That's why masteries for this type of build will require you to go down on the utility tree and even put a point into pickpocket! Syndra's range is not too bad and you'll be able to harrass with it at ease, free +3 gold everytime you aa an enemy.

-Gold per sec items are important, but not before your tear! TEAR IS A MUST SO BUY IT AS SOON AS POSIBLE! if you start with a Faery charm you'll only need 550 gold in order to buy it! The sooner you get it the faster you'll get to Muramana!

-Start then with 2 faery charms and 2 green wards, this way you'll be able to use your spells a bit and once you make your tear you could go for a philo! use your 2 wards wisely since most likely when you go back to base you'll only be able to buy another green ward or if you're doing good even buy a pink one! (part of being support is ward fight, obviously since you NEED your tear you'll be behind in this so try to be very swift with your warding)

-Once you get your tear... a lot of options are opened... so far I've found best to go for philo, then kage's lucky pick, and then head straight for wards or given the situation even go for a sight stone! If you check my last games I've gone too far away from this and I've bought a chalice all the time, THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN, this is why my teams complained about the lack of wards, IT IS YOUR JOB TO WARD IF YOU CALL SUPPORT, your team can help with it but it's still your job so do it! after all you got your tear and a LOT of damage will come from it, you don't even need any other item!!!

-Once you get your tear SPAAAAAMMMMM SPAMMM YOUR SKILLS XD! it's very easy to do with Syndra, before I recall or before I leave the platform I make sure I do this: Q+W+Q+W+E. This way all your cooldowns are gonna be down and you'll gain 5 tear stacks! Even while walking spam skills all ovah da place, you'll eat quite a bit of mana but thanks to the tear you won't be manaless that easily. The faster I've charged a tear has been 8 minutes against a bot, of course in a regular game this won't be as fast since you'll need to check a lot of things (as a support) and will sometimes miss the timing on your spells, but yeah Syndra excels at charging the tear!

-Now that you've got your tear fully or almost fully stacked, theres a giant leap you need to take in order to reach the loved muramana, 1400 gold, it's not easy to get as a support but you'll manage, if you buy the long sword first be ready to get raged at, still you need 1000 gold more so be careful with that and for all that's good HUNT THE ASSISTS! at lvl 11 your ult does nice damage so use it to scatter a lot of balls in the floor and do the all time loved team-wide stun.

-Finally you reached muramana, what do you do now? first, turn it on, then leave it like that forevah unless you're hitting too much minions with aa... ok that shouldn't happen but if you get distracted doing this your mana will go low, low mana means less damage from muramana since it works with CURRENT mana so care with that.

-How does muramana works exactly? it's simple, your ult will get exponentially stronger just by using the toggle, at 1000 mana muramana adds a whooping 60 magic dmg per single target spell and/or autoattack. Since you'll have more than 1000 mana, the dmg will rise to 110 or so per spell. Syndra's ult is single target and EACH BALL will gain muramana's dmg for some reason I still don't understand but I think it's just how Syndra's ult works. so a no-extra balls, no ap, lvl 1 ult will do: (90x3)+(60x3)= 450 dmg; you'll have SOME AP from runes or masteries, and as I said you have more thant 1000 mana, also you will be able to ult at any given time with more than 1 ball in floor so this math is just the base of a huge pyramid!

-Ok now you have muramana there, some gold per sec and a lot of wards, what do you do now? if you can sneak another tear of the goddess in your build, do it, since muramana looses tear's unique passive, Mana Charge, and gives you a flat 1000 mana, you CAN charge the new tear and you CAN then build an archangel staff that will benefit from your existant mana pool and add tons of ap to make your ult hit A LOT MORE. Other than that, focus on getting support items too! a Shurelya's reverie helps the team a lot as well as shard of ice or the 2 ghost slow thingy, an aegis is an stretch though.

-As of boots I've been thinking Sorcerer's are still the best, since my masteries include the cdr from the utility AND offense tree, plus my runes I sit at 15% cdr constantly, it's not 40 but it helps a bit, but maybe lucidity boots would be a cool choice too in order to getting closer to 30~% cdr, but I haven't tried it yet.

-For summoner's I take heal/exhaust (depends on what the adc preferences are) and flash, never leave flash behind =/ you can reposition quickly to aim stuns or just run away and poke (since you don't stop to cast )

I understand this thread is getting quite long and sometimes I walk over what I said X_x but please understand that this is a record on how i'm getting better with Syndra everytime I use her, so it's natural that I change my mind on what works and what doesn't with her :P

I won't stop asking for this but if you could bump with comments I'd be very happy! thansk for reading this wall of text if you did! xD Syndra thanks you too :3