The Beast Stalks (Warwick fan fiction)

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It was a dark night around Valoran.The night seemed to spread its veil in such way that it was magical.It was a perfect night for a theft.....

"I am lost !" said a man after which he pulled a small torch which he then set ablaze."I knew we shouden't split.Now i am lost in this cave".And it
doesn't lead anywere !" and as the man said this words he heard a strange noise coming from the cave.It was like some claws being slashed across rock.As the man moved away,the sound became louder,and soon two red eyes that looked like two rubies ripped straight from Hell were staring at him .The man started to tremble and the torch was shakeing in this hand."What are you ? " said the man as the creature started to come close.Its claws were sharp and bloodied and also he had a strange look on his hellish eyes.It was a sparkle in his eye,and the creature started to come so close that the man could smell the putrid smell of his breath and see his teeth,which were covered in red blood.The man slamed down on the ground as the torch got destroyed.The creature then climbed on him,and with a hellish roar,started to claw the man.Blood was everywere.It was a disgusting view.The creature then opened his fowl mouth and took a bite from the now dead man.The creature then said : "I am Warwick.Your flesh was a good feast.I shall suck the meat from your bones,human.".The man was barely alive but managed to start a loud scream as Warwick began to claw him again.Warwick then smelled something....

Warwick started to smell something fowl.It smellt good to him,like flesh and blood but still something fowl."Let's make this fun"
he said after which he climbed on an edge to his next victim,while living a trail of blood behind him.

"Oh god,I cut myself !" said a raspy voice.It was another man,a older one.He had cut himself on a small and strange knife."This is an intresting instrument !" said the man."I hope that boy comes around and i sure hope he's not lost.If we want to do this right we have to be together !" said the man after which he started to look around until he found some old scrolls covered in dust.
"Those seem old" he said after which he read some of them : "Alchemist almost kills "Star Child".In failure,the alchemist fleed.
That alchemist was none than Zaun's finest Warwick,which used human specimens to test his potions......'' and as he read those words he threw the scrolls and started to look for what they came for."I need to fing it ! Now !'

Warwick stalked the poor human.He hid himself and with a strange hasitation,he waited.He waited until the man found a dark potion and then the man ran away.Warwick could still sense the blood that was coming out from the mans wound,and so started
to follow him.

Warwick was in a frenzy.That potion was the potion that Singed gave to him.He started to run and soon the man heard him.But he didn't stop.Warwick then lunged himself and slashed the man across the face then he dissapered in the shadows.The man was horrified and took out a short dagger.He then stabed Warwick,but he just laughed."I regret leting humanity and all its little joy,but all this power is worth it." said Warwick after disarming the man and stabing him in the neck."You came to steal my work? You will pay ! I shall fest upon you like i did to your partner" said Warwick after slashing him for a last time and then healing himself from that slash.

A scroll fell from the mans corpse which Warwick picked up."The League of Legends ? It is the place where that dryad lives now.I will show her that she can not hide from me !" after which he jumped from the cave and started running,with blood coming from his mouth.He was prepared to join the League of Legends