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annoying skill box

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I think this game really needs to have better in-game interface. The skill box in-game which shows images of champion spells as well as summoner spells should be move to the left side bar where you can see your allied champions and their health. The allied champions and their health should be toggle-able because not everyone uses it. The spellbox should be put on the left side of the screen in a vertical panel, replaced by the ally information panel because the current location of the spell box hinders a user's view. Me playing draven or even nidalee I need to look further down to aim my skill shot. Because this skillbox gets in my way and limits my vision I have to press Y and free scroll to see the enemy. When the enemy in below me though they don't have to do the same because they dont have anything obstructing the top of their screen which means that the person under you has more vision above them and they have less vision below them.

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I thought everyone used "free scrolling" and didn't lock vision to only their champ...
I hardly see any pro team use locked vision... U.,..U

As well:
that box is 4x smaller then it was in s1
The champ boxes are used to see hps of friendlies, mainly to help others with globals or to see how they are fairing
As well, the green circle/not green circle shows if your team's ultis are up, useful for seeing if you want to teamfight or not.
and holding space while 'free scrolling' pretty much does the same thing as locking vision to get back to your champ quickly.
everyone has the "same vision.." you all see the same amount.. just how you see it is different if you have locked vision ... (trust me, use free scrollingg)