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(new custom game) Base Race!

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Lolly Bot

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Base race rules:

1.Play on, The Proving Grounds. Custom

2.Game mode is Draft Pick

3. You CAN NOT go back!

4. No slow items to slow players down.

The who point of this game is to find out who can base race the fastest, (win the game).
If you were to do Base race I would suggest playing pushers with that amazing attack speed.

Throughout the whole game you can cc (crowd control) the other team so they can't push as fast.

There are 2 options to play.
1. Defensive. meaning you're defending like.... killing the minions to stop them and making the players tank.
2. Pusher. meaning you're pushing.
I would recommend 3 pushers and 2 defenders.

I know you guys reading this might think this is a boring and lame game but it's actually pretty fun.This game is all about skill,tactics,and strategies!!

Hope you have fun playing BASE RACE!

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Its called ARAM.