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Wage a ban system!

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So my brother and I were playing LOL and I see people reporting each other all the time right and the wait time for the ban to get lifted is ridiculous some times. SO what my brother came up with is that when someone report you, you can response to that report! LIKE A CHALLENGE! Some sort of challenge because people get banned for no reason I believe if couple of people reporting would mean that person is doing something wrong but at same time I believe things can happen, and I realized that the person reporting you would always be the one who is wrong and they don't seem to see their own faults.... me on the other hand I always was the bigger man by just say yeah i was wrong and I sorry and people usually say I am friendly...... So back to what I was saying I was wondering if Riot could put this system where if you get reported or like someone in your team or the other(enemy) team reports you, you get to challenge that request with a game of ban (meaning) the person who reports you would have to fight you 1v1 and the person who loses would get banned which would be genius this because this wager would prove that they understand this game better by winning(with mechanics, champion usage , last hits "cs, farming" understanding the items build so on so on), so if the so called player who reported you thinks that there reported is valid and they knew the game they would gladly accept this challenge because they are a better player because I feel like this incentive would be great and it would get rid of people who won't cooperate and realize it was themselves that were in the wrong(mistake) because people don't realize it always themselves and that is why there is a elo hell and if you watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MTO2a7ZFcc
There should be a game mode for this 1v1 map for this sort of thing!
TLDR: so if you get reported or ban, a player should be able to challenge that ban/report with a response that response would be a 1v1 match with the person you were reported by. The loser of the 1v1 would be the one to get ban if they accept the challenge because if they were the better player and would report someone for sucking then you would glady accept the challenge and win the match! and get them ban for it! request a 1v1 map made by riot this system would be great because I always want to play people 1v1 because they are like i dont want to waste my time on a scrub like you so if you want to put your money where your mouth is let wage a ban of "1 week" "1 month" "1 year" I dont care because people act to mighty behind there monitor!

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Frost Unit

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I actually think this might have been the dumbest thing I have ever read on these forums.
I think just reading this has made me stupider.