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The Spells Screen is Terrible

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I think the spells screen-tab under summoner profile could use a makeover. I'm not talking about the screen in which you select your spells prior to entering a game; although I think that the recharge time for each spell should be added to the tooltips there. Anyway, the whole point of this screen-tab existing (as far as I can tell) is to inform the player of what each summoner spell does. It fails at this. As of now, all you get is a cute little picture of Allistar using each skill (in the teleport one I don't even see a minion?), and a general description of what each skill does. My suggestion: add the same amount of information you get on the screen when you are selecting which summoner spells to bring prior to entering a game, and add the cooldown time for each spell. Make it appear in a way that is easy to read, so that you do not need to read through an entire sentence in order to figure out how long the spell lasts and what its cooldown is. Maybe have Duration: X ; Cooldown: X ; Description: X : or some sort of the same format for each spell along those lines in which you can just quickly glance over it and get all the information you need. If you could also make it so that the stats for each spell are adjusted if you have a point in that spell on your mastery tree, that'd be nice as well. Also, unless I am stupid, the only way to see the entire amount of text written to describe each spell is to actually highlight the text, and drag down.