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Suggestions for in-game Calls

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Well... this is pretty much my first post and I find that it needs a really good improve about something.

Since LOL have no voicechat at all, and you are not probably gonna add one soon, this little improvement can make the game better... You need to add 3 buttons for displaying the MIA somehow....

It's well known by the skilled players that writing only makes your game worst, and why write when you can talk.. however, if you play Solo you wont have that chance.

Here's 2 images about how it should look like in my perspective, and well the art is not epic, but you have a really decent art team to work with... hehe.

There's an attached image so you can see the idea in progress.


Well the easiest the better right? You have little buttons with the letters T M and B that goes for Top, Mid and Bottom. So if you LeftClick Top for example will show "TOP MISSING" message in the game, or at least in the chat... and if you RIght-click the Button will show "TOP RETURN" or so...

Good isn't it?