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Matchmaking formulas need changed.

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I just got done playing (and losing miserably) a terribly matched PVP game.

I checked the scores after, and the team average is significantly higher. Nearly every person but one was higher than every person on our team by almost 100 wins.

Our team:
Me ADC, 53 wins
Mid: 183 wins
Support: 263 wins (he also is silver ranked I think)
Top: 174 wins
Jungler: 152 wins

Team average: 165. Highest wins=263. Lowest wins= 53.

I was queued with one other person (support). Not sure if anyone else was.

Their team:
Jungler: 335 wins
Support Nidalee: 1018 wins
ADC: 463 wins
Mid: 352 wins
Top: 182 wins

Team average; 470 wins. Highest wins= 1018. Lowest wins=182

Nearly 3 times our team's average.

Someone please tell me how current matchmaking formulas make this a fair team? Not really sure how to suggest an improvement since IDK how the algorithms work. But I can show you the stats I have and just ask you to please do something about it. :/