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Stop torturing me Riot

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Before I had delays and now its LAGS, WOW LAGS, REAL LAGS.:
i really like this game and put a lot of my time on it, but u kno what happens if u lag?
AD/AP carry: can position in teamfights, result numerous of losses. Results players uninstalling the game
Tank: well u kinda can just be in the middle of all of them and drink a cup of coffee, but its important to aim for the back line. cant do it without lags
Bruiser: Cant aim for the backline

well another reason of my lag could also be because this game was installed onto my "system" hard disk driver, which has only 30GB, with all my ps system files and this game, it now only has 6GB free to use. I literally installed this game 3 times trying to figure out if there is an option for me to install it onto my other hard disk drivers. And. No. It always automatically installs itself onto my "system" driver.(However it did give me an option to choose where to install the set up file)
So yeah...Fix it....or something