Question on items and cooldown reduction

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Just making sure I understand everything.

Max CDR you can have is 40% right?
You can get 15% from Masteries with a 9/0/21 build, and golem gives you 25% (is that right?) making it up to 40%.

But if you don't have golem, you might try to make it up other ways like items.

So, question about items and their "Unique" passives - I realize that Unique Passive means that items don't stack. So say you get 2 Abyssal Scepters (I know it doesn't have CDR, but its Unique Passive is: "UNIQUE Aura: Reduces the Magic Resist of nearby enemy champions by 20." I know that if you get 2 of them, you don't get double aura, or like buying boots 1 and boots 2 != (does not equal) boots 3.

So I guess the question is, and I think with my boots example I have answered it, but just want to make sure.

So say, I have a spirit visage, and our support has a soul shroud. When we are together, I don't get 12+15% (have not tested), I would just get the higher unique passive, in this case the 15% when im with the support, and 12% when I'm by myself? Right?

Because while their %'s are different, they are assigned the same task - CDR. Is this all correct?

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Nah you'd get 12%+15%=27% when you're in the Soul Shroud aura with Spirit Visage equipped. Neat, huh?

Effects from the same items with UNIQUE passives on the same player don't stack. Anything else does.

You can always check you character stats by pressing 'c', or clicking the helmet icon in the lower right bar. Where 'options' and 'camera lock in' are.

I hope this was helpful.