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[Suggestion] Status Pinging Shortcuts

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LoL is a game where taking your hands off of the keyboard and/or mouse can cause a death, either for yourself or for your teammate. Therefore, in common sense, a player would make sure that he’s in a safe location, then type out what they have to say. For example, you (mid) were just forced to use your flash by the opposing mid. You then have to take your hands off of the mouse and QWER keys to let your jungler know “flash on cooldown” (or something similar). Or an enemy support just placed a ward and you have to type out “enemy ward here” and ping the location.

I would like to suggest automated messaging that can be sent to your team members. This is already present in the game, such as pinging a location or signaling to be careful. But that’s it, and I feel like the game has potential to use more! Some examples I’ve come up are:

- Alt/Ctrl + Click on spell on cooldown: “_____ (Spell Name) is on cooldown for ___ seconds!”
- Alt/Ctrl + Click on ready spell “_____ (Spell Name) is ready!”

The two examples above could help avoid bad engagements and encourage great ones.

- Alt/Ctrl + Click on mana bar: “I currently have ____ (mana) mana points.”
- Alt/Ctrl + Click on health bar: “I currently have ____ (health) health points.”

Although one may argue that a person can simply look at an ally’s hp/mana and find this information on their own, having the availability to quickly and easily notify your teammates of low mana or iffy hp can’t hurt the game, it can only help it. This concept of using shortcuts to avoid having to type out messages constantly used throughout the game can be extended even further:

- Alt/Ctrl + “A”: Pings a location red, “signals an enemy ward.”
- Alt/Ctrl + “S”: Pings a location green, “signals to place a ward there.”

One example of a mechanic like this is the pinging mechanic in Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2, where it is used to inform teammates of your status to better collaborate in both Player vs Player and PvE (story mode). Guild wars also has a health/mana/skill system similar to LoL's, and skill pinging allows for more efficient working together and with better reaction times than taking the time to type stuff out, or just guessing at someone's readiness.

Inb4 “OP stop being lazy.” Again, nobody would force you to use these methods and you are more than welcome to continue typing out commands. However, LoL is a team game, and a team game is based on communication. These shortcuts can promote communication, save time, and can influence the outcome of a game. Not only that, but the availability of such a resource can encourage players to learn more about the champions, and to understand different champions’ limits. I encourage all discussion and ideas