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Queue Dodge Penalties

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Junior Member


As we all know queue dodging can be annoying, and if it was unpenalized it would totally suck. I just have one complaint and a small suggestion though. Alot of times, especially in low elo ranked solo/duo and draft picks you'll get auto locking randoms, incompetent pickers, and just completely bad team comps, yet you leave and get a 25 minute wait? Now don't get me wrong I'm glad people can't queue dodge left and right but I propose one unpenalized queue dodge per day, per queue. Meaning one for regular blind pick 5v5, one for regular draft pick 5v5, one for ranked solo/duo 5v5, etc.

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lFalse Kingl



If the elo is not going to be changed anytime soon, the time penalty should be reduce to 5mins or none since leaving can be justified.