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1100 ELO and below (NOT A RANT)

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Junior Member


Well. I probably won't play ranked cause of all the trolling I read about. But Don't you have reliable friends you could play ranked with? I mean, even bringing one person who you can rely on can make a big difference.

It works for me in normal's. I don't always get paired with the best players, and I haven't played in quite some time, but I'm sure it might help your chances.

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Desperate Izzy



it sucks when people look you up after having a bad losing streak, then rage at you for "sucking" pre-game and ***** at you for the losses, come game time they're the ones feeding XD -_-

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If your team is bad that often, then probability states that so is the other team, except that without you, so an extra player who may or may not be bad. Actually, mathematically speaking, the other team is MORE likely to be bad than your team because of that extra player.

There is no global conspiracy that ensures that your team is always bad and the other team is always good "9/10" times. If you weren't penalized for leaving at low ELO, then with the general mass perception of ELO hell, then EVERYONE will be dodging games nonstop, and you'll have to wait an hour to get a game in whether or not you dodged. Unless you're asking for Riot to put you in your own little special queue that puts only good-record players on your team and bad on the other team, you're complaining about something that's working exactly as it should work.

gg op