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Lee Sin Support / Season 3 Gold items

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Cheddy Roosevelt

Junior Member


So, this is basically a two part thread.

1.) What do you all think of Lee Sin support since season 3? I've had relative success with him, and I do believe he is still viable. How do you typically build him for support?
For me, I've really focused on rushing shield, merc treads, black cleaver. The other items I build depend on how the game goes.

2.) Gold items suck now? Basically, every gold item is made for AP based champions, now that Heart of Gold is no longer available. The one exception is avarice blade, but since supports shouldn't be taking CS, this doesn't count.

Just curious how you all approach support lee sin, or how you would if you to try.

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Senior Member


i ran lee supports as kill lanes losing hog hurts but its compormisable with free wards and flask

generally ill rush ageis or hammer for hp and blocking steping it up if we are doing well with an early burtalizer black clever later in the game.