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Improvement on the honor system needed?

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I like the honor system and all, but I think it does need improvement.

Any player can have some good games where he'll get teamwork honor, even if in most games, he'll be uncooperative or just plain bad. This way, everyone will eventually get one of those teamwork ribbons.

The original intent of these ribbons was to promote good player behavior and stuff, but if any schmuck can have some good games and get those ribbons without actually being cooperative and friendly, doesn't that defeat the point of them?

There needs to be some improvement on these ribbons. I have played many games where ribboned players will not work with the team.

I think having a system where the teamwork things are refreshed to 0 every week and you have to get to a certain amount (probably less than now) to get the ribbon for that week should be instituted. Also, I think we should be able to keep track of how often a player has gotten a weekly teamwork ribbon in his play history. That way it lowers the chance that a player just had a streak of good games for one week and also shows which players consistently play with the team.