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[Champion Concept] Rylan, Master of the Woods

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REALLY like this idea. I'm a huge fan of companion champs like Lulu and Yorick, so the idea of a huntsman with different animal companions he can call on really makes me giddy. Would really like this implemented. Great idea.

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Las Plagas



I would love for this to be implemented into the game 10k refferals!!! DO IT

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An interesting idea, reminds me of a mix between my Doran and Flynn concepts. Having different abilities based on the arrows he's using is neat and opens up for play options beyond what items you build. My only issue is that these variable abilities seem a little pointless on a carry. It's all pretty much damage, damage and more damage. The differences between the choices, such as Bear vs, Wolf, are so slight that there is no real reason to switch between the two and, because of that, one choice will always be more optimal than the other.

For example, let's look Survivalist. The explosive version is superior as a minor slow and a mildly refunded CD can't compete with a hard CC. The same can be said about Bear and Explosive tips in general. Even if the other choices might deal more damage at base value, as a champ that relies on Basic attacks more than anything else, Explosive will always be superior simply because it benefits the most from these attacks which nets more damage overall.

The other choices might have some use in laning or in strange situations, but explosive is the star. You could even ditch the other choices all together, buff explosive some more and still have a very solid champion, at least for a carry's skill set.

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Tael Zenith



Holy Moley; what a cool idea. Skill Cap: over 9000!

Only a couple things that I know enough to have input on...
1: Semantics: Change Explosive arrow to Enchanted arrow mayhaps? Seems unlikely that a woodsman would have access to explosives! Magic is everywhere, though!

Concept: Since versitility is not necessarily a game that ADC's play too often; what about altering the abilities to have each patch fit a different role in the meta? Example being Barbed set for ADC, Explosive set for Fighter, and I dunno, Swift for Jungle or Support? Obviously we would nee to make the abilities occasionally attractive, so he wasn't pigeonholed into a Explosive/Bear toplane fighter and have no reason to use his other, really really neat abilities in that role. Food for Thought.

Passive: Sounds really strong; feels a little similar to Ashe.

Q: For Barbed arrows; if we want to do more single target damage; why not give Rylan's basic attacks armor pen per rank? Maybe even be crazy and see if we can scale ArPen off of bonus AD? Not armor shred though, this should only affect Rylan's attacks.

W: Expanding on my concept alteration above a bit; each animal could do something unique to the enemy depending on the role/fletching set that Rylan was using. Have the Bear tank for him or something along those lines.

If that is deviating a bit too much from your concept; I like how its laid out now, but it feels like the hawk needs something... more, maybe a blind? So if you were last hitting and got ganked you might use that as an escape?

Really solid champion idea here Zarkof! I'm at a loss for words as to how epic this guy feels. GJ!

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I really like bows. Got to say I like them more the bigger they are. (I hate Varus' looks.. only his legendary skin looks okay.. I'd like to have some more bowmen)
What do you mean with your ult "attack while stealthed" - can he attack without becoming visible? I hope not!

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Best Ryze Japan

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I really want a bow guy!

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Aight, here is my review of your champion, take what you wish of it!

- it's definitely a solid concept for an innate, but the amount of crit chance you can get with this, in its current state of 75% potential, is way too much for how easy you can stack it up. I'd say make it so that every stack applies 5% with a cap of 20/30/40/50% crit chance (ranking up at lvl 6/11/16). This way, you can still get really good potential crit chance, but it takes much longer to stack up.

- It seems reasonable, though it does seems like most players will only ever stick to one of them at a time. I personally see good use for all of them, just make sure that they all look appealing to use.

- I'm not a fan of it because, the way you have it worded currently, you basically cannot use this until you put a point into Q. I'd say make one of the animals default until you have points in Q to fully utilize it.
- Onto the actual spell itself, I'm wondering if you should make the damage on the wolves not true damage as well. The average AD carry buys 200+ AD from items. Not counting runes/masteries, your wolves can get up to 150 true damage per second with 200 bonus AD, meaning 450 true damage as well as 10% of the target's health in 4 attacks. It seems like it has a potential to be too strong.
- The foxes and the hawk look fine though. All the numbers add up reasonably to me

- I actually really like this ability. Not only is it a really cool idea, but it also looks balanced in terms of numbers. I do think you should change the name into something else, but now i'm just nitpicking. Moving on!

- 200% bonuses seem like a bit much to me, especially with how easily stackable the passive already is in its current state. In addition, this implies that you can penetrate 75% of the target's armor with barbed tips! Jeez! I'd personally reduce it to either 50/75/100% increased effects, or only make the 200% last one auto-attack. Even then I'm questioning the balance of it O__- .

So, overall, I like the champion in general. He has really neat concepts and good flavor. However, he's in need of some number tweaking and one or two other things before he can reach epic-ness. Great potential though, I look forward to seeing how he turns out!

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changing the armor pen values to flat would definitely be a step in the right direction imo, but I think you should make it 5/8/11/14/17 (just to be safe, considering the new S3 armor pen mechanics). Really, the only part of Q making the ult OP is specifically that armor penetration. The other arrow tips seem fine.

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I must admit, Rylan seems pretty interesting despite his choice of weapon. Mayhaps it's due to the fact that Rylan uses the classical style of archery, instead of magic frost and shadow arrows. The animal companion thing also has a great deal of potential going for it.

Let's get this review underway, shall we?

I don't see anything depicting his appearance. Of course, it's pretty easy to imagine the look for a rugged forest ranger, especially if they summon animals for fight at their side.

I'll come back to this once the lore is finished.


Passive: Aim for the Vitals - Every time Rylan attacks an enemy champion, he gains 5% critical strike chance for his subsequent attacks on that target within 5 seconds, stacking up to 4/6/8/10 times. Critical strikes reset the stacks to 0. Values increase at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Reminds me somewhat of Ashe's passive, except that it favors unrelenting offense instead of biding your time. It'd be great for synergy should his skillset reward a similar tactic. I'll have to check out the rest of this.

Q: Fletching - Rylan attaches custom arrowheads to his arrows, granting his basic attacks and spells additional effects. Using this ability does not break stealth and will trigger a 0.5 second channel and cycle to the next effect (Barbed>Enchanted>Swift>Barbed). The effects do not apply to extra bolts from Runaan's Hurricane.

I assume this is his "main" ability, in the way it impacts most of his other abilities. It seems that there are three different scenarios that Fletching would be used for; Singular targets, AoE combat, and sniping. There's just one thing i'll need clarification on.

I'm not entirely sure why it would have to be restricted from Runaan's Hurricane. Unless i'm mistaken, Hurricane triggers with Kog'maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage, which would drastically increase its effectiveness. Could you explain why Rylan's Fletching would need to be inhibited in this manner?

W: Beast Companion - Rylan gains 20% Attack Speed for 6 seconds and calls a beast companion based on his current Fletching buff and sics him on target champion to deal damage and grant vision. The buff ends early only if the companion is killed. (defaults to Hawk if Q isn't available)

I'm not that great at normal balancing, so minion or pet balance is far out of my area of expertise. With that in mind, does the hawk have a different movement pattern compared to the others? It seems like the hawk sticks to a target similar to a debuff while the wolf and foxes have normal movement patterns.

E: Survivalist - Rylan instantly sets a pitfall at his current location and uses the same arrow tips on the spikes, then vaults to target location. The pitfall lasts for 10 seconds, has a 100 radius, and will trigger when an enemy unit walks over it. Deals 70/110/150/190/230 (+70% AP) magic damage and additional effects based on Rylan's current Fletching buff.

This one is pretty creative. Not only is it a strong escape method, but it leaves a trap behind as well. I can see this being used to devastating effect from inside the brush, especially in the jungle.

From what I can tell, it appears that Rylan doesn't utilize ability combos at all. Sure he can leave a trap behind and sic a beast on your pursuer, but most of his damage is going to come from auto attacks and Fletching. An interesting combination, but i'll have to look at the ultimate before I can fully understand his playstyle.

R: Master of the Woods - Rylan instantly vanishes from sight, granting 30% bonus movespeed and stealth for up to 4 seconds. Upon exiting stealth, he gains a buff for 10 seconds or 10 attacks, causing his passive to grant 2 stacks per attack and an additional effect depending on his current Fletching buff.

And the ultimate is a short range stealth with a great deal of bonuses. I'm going to take a look at the result of the ultimate augmentations. This is assuming that uses the ultimate doesn't negate the previous passives.

Barbed Tips: Basic attacks cause the target to bleed, granting Rylan 5/8/11/14/17 flat Armor Penetration and dealing 10% bonus physical damage over 3 seconds. Reapplying will refresh the bleed duration.

Barbed Tips: Rylan's attacks now shred 4/7.5/9 armor with each attack, stacking up to 4 times and lasting 4 seconds.

Even with light armor, these tips would both penetrate and shred armor, in addition to a bleeding effect. This would be quite effective against singular opponents.

Enchanted Tips: Rylan's arrows are enchanted and will fire magical projectiles at all units within 250 range of his target, excluding his target, dealing magic damage equal to 16/22/28/34/40% of his total Attack Damage. These do not apply on-hit effects.

Enchanted Tips: Rylan's attacks ricochet to additional enemy champions within 400 range of his target and continue to ricochet, dealing 30/50/70% of his total AD as physical damage. Champions can only be hit once per attack and arrows will bounce up to 4 times. These do not apply on-hit effects (I am not sure if they should or not as this could provide some problems with certain items).

The enchanted passive is a splash or cluster attack by itself, but the ultimate makes these attacks bounce from target to target. Assuming that each attack fired by the initial shot is capable of bouncing, Rylan would have considerable AoE damage from even one attack. Can you clarify whether or not the secondary projectile bounce along with the primary one?

Swift Tips: Increases basic attack range and the range on his other abilities by 60/75/90/105/120. (Base attack range is 525, so this grants total of 645 at max rank and 835 stacking with rank 3 ultimate utilizing Swift Tips)

Swift Tips: Rylan ignores unit collision and gains 20% movespeed and an additional 90/140/190 range on his basic attacks and spells.

And with these, Rylan is quite inescapable. With that kind of range combined with increased movement speed, the only real defense from Rylan's assault would be to break line of sight. And even then, using Beast Companion on an enemy tears that particular plan to pieces.

Having looked at the skillset, it would seem that Rylan does not rely on any major combo whatsoever. His abilities are suited to change the circumstances in which he engages his enemies. Different Fletching would open different avenues of attack, for example:

When being pursued, he could use Survivalist to lay a trap in brush and leap over a wall to safety. Once the trap is sprung, you could change your Fletching to Swift Tips and use Beast Companion to give Rylan clear sight of his target. At that point all you need to do is fire away from a distance, occasionally having to use your ultimate at certain points to make sure you're always one step ahead of the opponent.

Final Thoughts:
At first, when I took a look at Rylan's skillset, I couldn't figure out how exactly he was meant to be played. I knew that his Fletching would play a massive part in his strategy, but trying to wrap together the various abilities never yielded a clear combo. All of his abilities look to be situational things to go along with his considerable auto-attack power.

That is not to say the skillset is bad. On the contrary, it's really quite unique. There seems to be an immense amount of depth, much more than I can accurately gauge without a great deal of experimenting. Rylan might not have the kind of playstyle I can see myself using, but whatever he is supposed to do, he seems like he would be damn good at it.

I apologize for taking so long, and I hope my review helps you out.