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My first guide..ever!

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Hello, and welcome to my first guide..ever! Right now, I will be focusing on a champion that has been putting the element of "fun" into my brain as of late. That champion is no other than Kassadin, the badass gas mask-wearing, floating champion who happens to have a purple blade protruding out of his right arm. Oh, and he also wears a jet pack, which might explain why he floats everywhere.

First things first, before making this guide, I have taken the time to assess the other wonderful Kassadin guides that lurk in these forums. One that has helped me the most back when I started playing Kassadin is the one guide that's written by SmecssRaege. So my hat's off to that person.

As you might imagine, since this is my first guide, it probably won't be as in-depth and as well put as the other guides around..so just bare with me. I'm mainly going to cover the the basic elements such as Summoner Spells, Items, and Skill Build. What this guide will be lacking is how to play the Kassadin champions that you should and shouldn't lane with, and all those other elements. I am a believer that in-game senses can't be taught. Instead, they are developed by playing enough games and of course, experience. Simply put, I'll let YOU to be in charge of how to play Kassadin.

Summoner Spells
I usually go either Heal/Teleport or Heal/Ignite. But it's really up to you to experiment with the different summoner spells.

Starting Items: Meki Pendant, 2 Health Potions

- Chalice of Harmony
- Catalyst the Protector
- Mercury's Treads/Ninja Tabi/Boots of Swiftness
- Sheen
- Rod of Ages
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter
- Frozen Heart

The choice of boots obviously vary depending on the enemy team. If they're Melee heavy, then go Ninja Tabi. If they're Caster heavy, then Mercury's Treads. If they're really not doing any damage to you because of your sick Riftwalking skills, then go Boots of Swiftness. Also keep in mind that the game usually ends at around the time you get the Rod of Ages, so Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Heart aren't priority items.

Skill Build
1- Q
2- E
3- E
4- Q
5- E
6- R
7- E
8- Q
9- E
10- Q
11- R
12- Q
13- W
14- W
15- W
16- R
17- W
18- W

As you can see, the W skill isn't really my thing. I don't usually hit any of the enemy champions with my melee attack. I'm also usually excited whenever I reach level 9, because that's when my E skills reaches level 5. Aweee Yeaaah.

Well, that will be it for now. I hope that this guide will help you in the future and whatnot. Make sure to leave positive or negative comment(s) for me so I can read them. See you in game, maybe.

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Good Guide no homo. But maybe you should have put kasadin in the title because people aren't gonna know how to find it.

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I am the Walrus

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Nice build, I think I'll try it sometime.