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Graphics Glitch/ Hard Drive space

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So, I had to uninstall League of Legends because the graphics were being glitchy
such as 579870

Before i uninstalled it, i had 11gb left on my hard drive. After uninstalling it, i had 15gb. Now, during the download, it says "out of 3312mb" but my computer space went down to 8gb. are there any extra files that you get when you download the game, that you don't need? because as you can see, I'm low on space and want to take up as little space as possible

After actual installation and updates it went down to 3.5gb, i deleted one of the folders, because it was a duplicate, and went back to 8gb. its acting as if i never deleted it in the first place, and just downloaded a second of everything. are there any folders that i can delete
? please help