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Mobility-Gaming - 5s and 3s Tournaments.

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Mobility Sober

Senior Member


http://www.Mobility-Gaming.com - We will be holding a 5s and a 3s tournament in the month of "NOV" Please register on our site and go to the Tournament Menu to "CREATE" or join a team.

Please post in the LoL Tournament sections "PRE REGISTRATION" thread if you need any help setting up your team or account please email us at [email]Staff@mobility-gaming.com[/email]

This tournament will be a 32 Team Tournament and we will set this up as Double Elimination. ie you lose to matches and you are out.

We are also looking for anyone able to provide Commentary for matches as well as "RECORD" thier own matches if they make the finals. We would like to shoutcast/broad cast all matches however with no Type of Demo system or Spectate Mode we will ask any and all teams with "FRAPS" or the ability to "STREAM" thier games to do so. Please direct any of your friends rivals to this thread or our site so we can get a full tournament.

Prizes / Rulesets will be announced shortly please check our tournament listings for more info. This will be a FREE 2 PLAY tournament - Other Tournaments or P2P "Play 2 Play" tournaments will be announced as such.