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The Pain's Torment

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well, i've tried this before, and given up before, but this idea keeps bugging me so i figured i breathe some sort of life into it.


............ the chamber rung empty as it's content were only the object in the ruins and it's faithful companion of dust which covered it. Nothing had disturbed this chamber for a very long time. The only sign of life in this room was that stone figure who sat at the center. Alive or dead, he was simply there.

BOOM! the primeval walls shook at the massive impact.

Hehe, just as I thought Ezreal told himself as he broke through the ancient rock uncovering what he assumed was a large tomb. Ancient underground tomb? Jackpot! Ezreal quickly made his way down through the debris to a pair of ancient doors. Hm, perhaps theirs some sort of mechanism to open it Ezreal thought to himself and began wondering around. He didn't have to look long because the doors themselves literally shattered like glass at the faintest touch. well that was easy...

As he made his way inside he noticed a large pattern engraved into the floor and walls, and in the middle of the chamber was a large statue of some sort where all the markings met and meshed with those engraved on the figure. He attempted to move the figure which proved pointless, it seemed to be part of the floor. maybe these lines serve as some sort of barrier to another chamber? He thought to himself grinning as he began to wonder what he might find and quickly went off to find the source of the lines.

A couple corridors, poisonous reptiles, and lots of dust later he came upon an altar with strange hieroglyphics and a large indent in the center. Do i need some sort of key or something? Ezreal then noticed a strange radiating light from his gauntlet Really? that's a rather simple lock. looking almost disappointed as he made a fist and pushed it into place on the altar.

Almost immediately the engraved lines throughout the chamber shined to a near blinding degree and just as suddenly disappeared from the chamber leaving the walls bare and empty.

really that's it? He thought to himself as he retraced his steps and checked all over the chamber in hopes of finding a new passage, to no avail finding only the figure had kept its carved marks which now glowed a amber tinted red color. A blood curdling scream echoed throughout the chamber as the figure suddenly opened it's eyes and mouth from what Ezreal could only surmise as several decades of imprisonment.

It's gaze quickly locked onto Ezreal as the Figure got up breaking away the old rock that had encased him and made his way to him, seeming to make the floor tremble as he walked towards him. Then, just as soon as he had started he crashed to the floor unable to move and twitching in pain until finally his body relaxed as he became what Ezreal assumed as unconscious. "well this should be interesting" Ezreal muttered to himself as he prepared himself for the night and in case the being decided to wake up and attack him.


well that's it for now, i think i'll probably continue this hopefully, this is more just an intro, i'm planning on making this guy a full out champ, but we'll see how far i actually get. I've got the ideas, just typing them in is the hard part, well i'll probably work on this some more later, i'm gonna go get some sleep.

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Hmmmm, well i might as well try to bring some sort of plot into this, please brain, WORK, WORK *smoke starts rising*



Ezreal concocted a rather rushed meal of something akin to near toxic sludge, sighing realizing what a crappy cook he was. "man, why can't magic do something about this," as he slowly moved to eat his disturbing creation.....well he would have if the figure hadn't suddenly started rushing towards him.

"......" he simply said nothing as he flew face first into Ezreal's..........food? making some sort of noise it scarfed down the remaining food left on the fire, along with the pot and several of the logs on the fire. "well i guess someone like's my cooking..." ezreal muttered as he observed the creature.

As he said that it stood up abruptly and looked at Ezreal with a more curious than angered nature. A pulsing light hit Ezreal as he flinched from the sudden change in sight unable to make a move.

It uttered in a deep gravely voice, " you....make?"

Ezreal stood up once he had his wits replying, "What?" in a confused tone staring at him blankly. It gestured to the fire, again saying, "Make?"

Ezreal quickly realized what he meant telling him a quick yes a little afraid of what the response might be. As the creature stood straight up Ezreal noticed just how much bigger this thing was, it could have easily have been taller than most champions he had met with a pulsating glow through the vein-like grooves in his skin.

It then did something that stumped Ezreal, it patted him on his head, and sat back next to the fire, and saying in the same gruff voice, "I........thank."

Well he doesn't seem dangerous.....*sigh* I guess i can't just leave him here either, I wonder if he'd understand a more complex statement? Going forward with a new vigor he went right up to this creature, deciding he should at least have a name, "What is your name?" He asked a little more confident that the figure was somewhat docile.

"........Name?" Ezreal decided he'd try a simpler approach, "Naaaaame, I'm Ezreal, who are you?" trying to make the figure understand. "..........I......I.........." The creature's face became some sort of scowl as he tried to concentrate hard at what Ezreal had said.

Without warning the creature screamed in pain as the veins pulsated more rapidly and he fell back uttering only one barely audible word "..Qiang......" and with that he slammed into the ground with a powerful THUMP! and the chamber went silent once more.

After getting over his initial shock, Ezreal once again sighed thinking, well at least i can call you something and sitting back by the dwindling fire thinking, might as well get some sleep, something tells me we're gonna have a long day tomorrow.

Alright well that took some serious focus but i finally got a bit of something other than vague mystery down, also as a side note, the name Qiang is chinese meaning one who possesses great strength. also it's pronounced chi-ang, and if you don't believe me look it up or pronounce it however you please, just thought i'd give you a reason as to why i gave him the name. and with that i'm done for now, merry christmas or...idk whatever you celebrate have a good time, i'll probably update some point early morning, if i'm bored on the 26th, so well until then, enjoy ^_^

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Ezreal had a scowl on his face as he tried to figure out how he was going to get across the desert with his new companion. "we could try for one of the nearby cities, but our supplies would probably run out before we got there, hmm, we could try for the caverns or...." Ezreal was so preoccupied muttering to himself about how to get back to civilization, he didn't even notice Qiang take his map.

The sudden ripping sound alerted Ezreal immediately. "W/hat are you doing!?" Ezreal shouted at Qiang as he ripped a jagged looking line through the map. Ezreal snatched it from him trying to see what the damage was. "Why?" he asked himself aloud as he frustratingly tried to fix his shredded map. Qiang just got up and ran his finger down the line he tore, "Fastest" And with that he got up and began walking down the path he saw, a path only he could see through the blood stained feet that had once trekked these same sands before him.

Eventually Ezreal followed him thinking to himself, well, guess we're gonna die out here, you just had to go into the big tomb huh ez? just couldn't decide for once to just get to the next city, get some supplies and go home. he kept thinking to himself regretting every second of ever discovering this hulking giant. Qiang kept changing directions instinctively every few meters they trudged on.

The sun blazed down on these two and after twp hours of the same beating sun, the same damn sun, and no proof they had actually made progress, Ezreal was about to lose it.

And then, Qiang simply stopped, he just stood there immobile and turned back to Ezreal, "Here." Ezreal was annoyed he looked around and there was nothing, nothing but sand, sand and more god damn sand, "Here's what? Why the hell did i come out here? i should have just followed the map and gone...." Ezreal just went off completely furious at the fact that of all the dangerous encounters, he was going to die, thanks to an over sized rock he found in some old cave.

He probably would have if at that moment Qiang didn't just smash the ground open, "Here" he repeated as the newly formed hole simply gaped open with no light to what was inside. Ezreal simply sighed, "why not" and jumped into the hole. He was rather surprised by the fact that the tunnel was only a couple of feet taller than he was. What he found more interesting were the strange carvings along the walls that matched the same pattern that had been in the ruins he had found Qiang in.

This detail quickly became unimportant as Qiang smashed through the hole, making an enormous THUMP as he hit the floor. "Well, we won't die from the sun i suppose, but how are we supposed to go on without supplies down here?" and then Ezreal sighed again realizing his question was falling on deaf ears.

"Come, I show you" said Qiang. Ezreal was a bit startled, it was the first time Qiang had actually said a real sentence instead of just a word or two. Qiang didn't really seem to notice Ezreal's reaction and began moving along the cave passage, the grooves in his body glowing a faint orange as he walked along. Ezreal was glad they'd managed to get away from the sun above them, but that didn't mean he would be able to go on much longer without food or water.

The echoing of their footsteps got on Ezreal's nerves, Just how long is this thing? not out of impatience, simply out of fear because with each step he grew weaker and soon he knew well enough what would happen if he blacked out in a place like this, it'd be a silent death.

Just as Ezreal reached the last of his energy, the companions reached a set of doors which were sealed shut without any opening or handle. "Where are we anyway?" asked Ezreal hoping to find at least water on the other side of the door. Qiang made a strange face, Ezreal couldn't tell what it was until the grooves in Qiang's body began to glow brighter with the door illuminating his face.

"Home." He replied with a smile on his face.


think i'll stop there for now, sorry about the lack of updating, with finals and about only 5 more days of school left, i'm somewhat busy and i've had drastically less time then i thought i would to work on this story, but hopefully i can continue and not disappoint anyone if they are enjoying the story. remember, criticism is always welcome, i myself feel i may not be adding enough detail to actually give the characters (mostly Qiang) a feeling of depth and my chapters tend to be on the short side. i'm actually writing this story to try and improve my creative writing, so again, any critiques or flaws, or improvements are welcome ^_^