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[Peacemaker] - A Caitlyn Story

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A.N - Hey guys, this is my first Fanfic. I decided to make it because I hardly ever see any Caitlyn stories, so I think it's time to show her some appreciation!
By the way, sorry if it's not the best and there are some mistakes in the plot and pace, I'm still working on it >.<
And uh.. All of your suggestions would be really great. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 1
Caitlyn stepped out into the Pavilion. It was one of those days where she could take a break. There was construction going on at League of Legends, and her familiar fields would soon becoming renovated. She didn't mind though, it was hectic with all the summonings, it was nice to have a rest, even if it only lasted two days. She hoisted herself onto a tree which gave her complete vision of the fields beyond her home in the League. Her rifle leaning comfortably against her shoulder, she took a sip of her Graggy Ice. It was cool and refreshing, although probably not the smartest idea as it was December.
Her eyes scanning every detail. It was peaceful here, and not many other champions were out, she was half asleep, and she closed her eyes, just listening. After lounging on top of tree for an hour, she hopped off and landed softly onto the ground. The day was still young and Caitlyn didn't have much to do.
"Humm....," she murmured to herself. A new bakery did open, she remembered vaguely.. If only she remembered where...
As she thought to herself, she only heard the slightest ruffle of tiny footsteps coming toward her. She turned her head to find Teemo walking toward her.
"Hallo, Teemo," Caitlyn called, she was fond of the yordle, and though the many times he had blinded her during Summoners Rift, she couldn't help but enjoy the few rare times he could be her support. It was a nice change of personality.
"Good afternoon, Caitlyn," He responded. "What are 'ya thinking about?" Being a scout, he also had very good eyes to read people, not to mention she was staring in the blue.
"I was just wondering where the new bakery is, they did mention it before, right?" She asked.
"Yeah, I just passed it, it's on the left side of the living quarters, anyway, Tristana is waiting for me, so I'll see you later," the small yordle waved and scrambled past.
"Thanks Teemo." And she walked back toward the direction of her room.

The walk took no more than 15 minutes, and as Teemo said, there was a small bakery on the edge of the quarters . She walked in, her rifle still strapped to her back, took a seat near a window, and placed it on a chair. She walked up to the counter and ordered one biscuit and a cup of tea, both of which were placed warm and steaming into a small tray. As she sat back down, looking once again out the window, she saw Jayce; he was talking to Ezreal.
She took a bit from the biscuit, which was soft and buttery, and glanced at Jayce with mild curiosity. Now that she thought about it, she didn't really talk much to him even when they were both from the city of Piltover. How long she stayed there, she didn't know, until Jayce, himself entered the bakery. In a swift movement, she took her rifle, slung it back on her shoulder and placed the gold coins on her table to pay for her snack. Walking toward the exit, she stole another glance at Jayce, he was a good half a foot taller than her, now being able to see him closer, and he was well built.
When she closed the door and left the bakery, she was relieved and had another feeling. It was odd. Kind've made her feel light-headed. She shrugged it off and walked back to her room, just feeling the slightest bit unsatisfied she left so quickly.

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A.N -Hey guys, thanks so much for reading this, and I'm probably going to keep most of the chapters short and sweet. I'll try and post this daily and... there's probably going to be several short scenes before the whole entire story will come together.
I'll try and improve my writing and if you guys have anything suggestions, I'd be really glad if you told me, anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 2

Caitlyn stood in Morgana's shop, waiting for her order of cupcakes. Recently, her supply was running low, and for some reason, summoners felt the need to waste it all on needless things, for example, trying feed it to Baron Nasher. She shook her head. Sometimes, she didn't understand them, at all.

"Order number 67," Morganna called.

"Guess that's me," and Caitlyn walked toward the counter and took the box of cupcakes.

When she unlocked her room door, she placed the box in her small kitchen. Each champion was given a medium sized apartment, every room with the same layout. A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and a living room with a view of the ocean. She sat on her couch, looking at her framed Infinity Edge. She chuckled, it was funny, that sword was her best friend, she spent more time with it than anyone else. Well.. Almost anyone. She heard her partner Vi, was joining her on the Field. Although she was a pest at some times, she was a valuable partner, and a good laugh. She was lost in her thoughts, staring at the gleaming blade.

As she was thinking, mail came in. She walked to the door and took the letters. Some were notices about the new construction, she put those on her refrigerator, others were fan-mail and she smiled at them, being a champion did have its small perks. She shuffled through her mail, until she came upon an old-looking letter. It was on parchment and as she unrolled it, her heart skipped a beat. Her mind was racing now, her breaths in shallow puffs. Did her eyes betray her? No. They haven't failed her before, why now? She dropped the rest of the mail, her hands clutching to that one parchment paper. Tracing over that one letter with her finger, which was crudely written in the center of the paper. Oh, how he was mocking her. Her beloved "C" had revealed himself again.

She glanced at the door, and knew, she was once again being watched.

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A.N - I have way too much time on my hands.

I have no idea how Jayce acts or speaks, so I tried. I also tried to make this one a bit longer for you guys, thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Chapter 3

Caitlyn sighed as she finished her game. Everything was new to her. She didn't know what to buy, where to go, and honestly, everything was just confusing her, not to mention the stress of just yesterday. She just wasn't performing her best. Thankfully, good 'ole Teemo was there to cover her and Jayce also did pretty well, it was one of the few times a summoner picked him. It was pleasant to have him on her team. Though, he still gave her a feeling she couldn't explain, and it had been bothering her, along with the letter.

She walked slowly out of the Summoning Room. Her thoughts were muddled. There was another problem too, oh lovely Snowdown Showdown. So many gifts to give. Pondering, she kept walking forward.

"Wah!" Caitlyn yelped as she ran into someone, "Uhem.. sorry , wasn't paying attention." She looked up to who she had bumped into. Her top hat tilted, her eyes glanced up, and oh, great, it was Jayce.

"It's alright, hello there Caitlyn," He responded.

"Hi. Really sorry about that," she said as she straightened her hat and took a step back, "How are you?"

"Quite alright, although, I can't really say the same to you, you seemed quite pre-occupied lately."

"Oh, don't worry about me, I'm fine," pulling a quick smile which made it seem believable, even to herself, " Thanks for carrying me during the game, the new layout has gotten me just the tad-est bit confused, but other than that, there's nothing really going on."

"I see," Jayce replied, " If that's the case, would you like to go to the bakery with me then? I've seen you there a couple times, but we've never gotten the chance to talk."

"Sure, that'd be lovely," and she walked to the bakery with Jayce.

When she closed the door to her apartment, she felt better. The little excursion she had with Jayce was refreshing. She took a shower and sat on her bed. Maybe she ought to thank him for the nice afternoon. Taking a deep breath, she went to the kitchen and took a bottle of Graggy Ice, she needed something to clear her troubled mind.

Morning came, and Caitlyn rolled out of bed and got ready, today was slow, many summoners were busy for the holidays, so she decided to go out shopping. First thing on the list, an item for Janna and Sona. She walked to the jewelry store and browsed. Janna had nothing too extravagant, but something that was flowing would fit her better, right? And for Sona, something gold because it matched her Etwahl. Those were easy, now one for the group of lively Yordles, Teemo, Tristana and Lulu. Hm.. What did yordles eat? Sweets? To be honest, I've never seen a Yordle eat.. She walked into Morganna's shop, like she did so many times before, and ordered a batch of her famous cupcakes. Now, only one final thing on her list. A gift for Jayce. She didn't know what to get him. He was an inventor, so no electronic she gave him would probably surprise him...

And then it hit her, a Trinity would work. Quite pleased with herself, she went to the shop keeper and ordered one. Quite pricey, yes, but he was from the same city state, and deemed a hero. This would be his reward from the Sheriff of Piltover. Nothing more, nothing less. And the letter she had found was in the back of her mind, she nearly forgot about it.

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A.N - Okay, I tried to make this not sappy even though it probably was at several points. I tried ._. But uh... Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 4

The white snow flakes drifted slowly and landed on top of Caitlyns' Arctic hat. Her breath clung in the air in white puffs, steps crunching on the new fallen snow, a gift in her hands. She arrived in front of an apartment and knocked softly on the door.

"Coming, " A voice called. The locks clicked, and a shaft of soft light illuminated her. "Oh, hello Caitlyn, come in."

"Hello, " she softly said, the tip of her nose red as she entered the warm room. "Happy Snowdown, I uh.. I got you something."

"Really now?" Jayce said as he closed the door and took her coat. He lead her to the living room.

Caitlyn sat down on his couch, the present sitting on her lap and she looked around. Everything was so familiar, yet so odd. He sat across from her with two glasses of wine and he handed one to her.

"Mmm.. thank you. " As she took a small sip from it. "Oh, I know it probably isn't much, but it's like a thank you gift from the Sheriff of Piltover." She handed him the gift and looked out the window.

He carefully unwrapped the present and it revealed a white box and he took off the lid, a faint smile touched his features.

"Well, thank you, " He murmured, his finger tracing over the outline.

"You're welcome."

"You know, it's almost your birthday, January 3rd, right?"

"It is, isn't it?" A bit surprised he knew.

"Do you want anything?"

"Nothing in particular, I had almost forgotten about my birthday."

"Well, things have been quite hectic lately," he chuckled.

"Yes, it has," she agreed and the two sat in silence. Caitlyn polished off her glass of
wine, and she was feeling a bit groggy.

"Anyway, I think I should go now," and she slowly got up. Oh, why were her eyes so heavy? She only slumped back into the seat and yawned. She glanced at Jayce's face, and saw only confusion on his face. Her eyes unwillingly closed and she fell asleep.

Jayce looked at the sleeping Sheriff. Her breath was calm and easy and he couldn't help but stare. It was odd, she always seemed so.. distant. He placed his gift next to him and walked to Caitlyn. He picked her up, and put her on his bed, pulling the blanket over her. He shut off the light and stole another glance at her before closing the bedroom door; he laughed to himself.

The pale dawn light flooded through the window when Caitlyn woke up. She looked around the familiar room. Rubbing her eyes, she wondered why the covers were different. She opened the door, she found a huge bulk on the couch. Hm.. Why was Jayce in her apartment..? Oh.. OH. It struck her, and memories from last night came back to her.

Oh Caitlyn, she thought to herself, what have you gotten yourself into?

Her eyes rested upon the sleeping Jayce, he looked so peaceful. Caitlyn sat next to his sleeping figure wondering if she should leave. It'd be polite to stay, wouldn't it? She didn't know anymore and she leaned in closer to study is face. His jaw was square, and the tip of his hair just going in the slightest wave. Jayce, she deemed, was not a very bad looking man, not at all. Something was luring her, just edging her to get a bit closer. She put her hand on his chest, feeling the beat of his heart, the rise and fall of his lungs. It was such a curious thing and she curled up against him. It is really cozy and she drifted back into sleep listening to the pattern of is breathing.

Jayce was aware if something on top of him. It was warm and he didn't mind it too much. He put his hand on the top of it, and oddly enough, he touched hair. He opened his eyes, and looked down only to find Caitlyn curled on top of him.

He smirked to himself, "Not wanting anything in particular, huh, Cait." He lie there for a while, stroking her hair. It was soft and this gesture seemed almost natural to him.

Caitlyn woke again. She felt a hand touching her head, at most times, she would panic, but she still vaguely remembered yesterday. She rubbed her head against the hand.

"Good morning, are you comfortable there?" A deep voice asked.

"Mmm.. yes, yes I am," came her muffled reply.

He sat up, lifting her up with him.

"I have your Snowdown gift too, " he said with a hint of a devilish smile.

"Oh really? Where is it?"

"Right here," and Jayce just slightly had to lift her up and gave her a quick peck.

Her cheeks turned an unmistakable shade of red, it gave her a fuzzy feeling inside.

"I.. I.. Um.. " she stammered. Quite frankly, she was breathless. She rested her head against him. It was nice, and he didn't seem to mind, not at all.

"Here, " he said, and he took her hand, dropping a small key in it, "You can come over whenever you're feeling troubled"

"Thank you, " and her hands closed around it and she stood up, " and.. thanks for last night too."

She pulled on her jacket and put on her fur hat and before opening the door, she waved good bye, her cheeks still glowing red. It was nice to have a friend to go to And she stepped into the cold.

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Okay, I have Chapter 5 underway but I'm slowly running out of ideas. So if you guys have anything to say or add to this, just let me know, it'd be appreciated.. So uh.. Yeah.

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Frost Archer

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You're running out of ideas already? Your chapters are quite short, you shouldn't run out so fast....

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ideas because I do not really like the idea of including the League as much as you do. Good job on writing though! Kudos to you but try to proof read a bit. Should be good practice. Since it is your first attempt, I won't judge you too hard.

Nice conversations and verb use You can make your stories longer if you make them more descriptive and try different vocab. For the parts where she is talking or thinking to herself, I recommend you separate it from the rest of the paragraph with italics.

Overall, good job!

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Heeey, I know it's been a couple of days since I last posted a chapter, I was really busy with all the holidays and I had a couple weddings to go to.

Anyway, in this chapter I tried to capture more of Caitlyn herself than anything else I have wrote about so far.. So uh.. Enjoy and Happy New Years!

Chapter 5

The bitter winds were throwing sleet, snow, and hail on her face. They stung her cheeks and Caitlyn shielded her eyes. Of course she was sent to the Arctic of all places, her eyes sweeped the frozen tundra. Everything looked the same. It was all colored in the same hue, white; and though it was pretty, the scene got a bit tiring after a few days. The massive body of Volibear was just a mere fleck in the distance although he was quite close. Cait knew it was just the storm tampering with her vision. How she hated feeling so vulnerable. The ice had jammed her rifle, not to mention when it wasn't frozen, the cruel winds just had to change every so often throwing her aim off.

She sighed. Me of all people.. Couldn't they just bring Ashe here and be done with it? Caitlyn hated the cold, it was never her season, other than the Holidays, sledding, and other "joyous" events, she hadn't found any reason to enjoy the winter. She'd rather be somewhere else in Valoran warm and slipping a cup of tea. Preferably somewhere in the Safari. She was just absorbed in her thoughts, glad to get a moment to escape.

In the distance, she could hear a trap click. She sighed with relief, oh, how she loved a good chase, and she sped toward the noise. As she approached her trap she saw the figure of a small Yordle in it. About time. Her mission was almost over .

Her footsteps made crunching noises as she neared the trapped Yordle.

"My, my, my, what do we have here?" With just a sliver of a smile on her face.

It merely said nothing, although she could hear a deep growl in his throat.

"Now, would you like the good cop, or the bad cop?" Chuckling as she took out the handcuffs.


The red carpet lead to a grand door, it was only slightly open. Inside the shadow of a women was barely visible

"Good work Caitlyn, we are very pleased with your work."

"Thank you Mayor, I'd like to assist in anyway I can."

"You know this city has very high hopes for you."

"Yes sir."

"Don't disappoint us."

"I won't, you can always count on me."


Caitlyn's brow furrowed, her pen scribbling madly. She was just about to finish the last of her report until she could file it in. If anything tired her the most, it was the paper work. It was tedious. She filled in the final words and stretched, she wasn't given the opportunity to take a break, she grabbed the pile of mail she received earlier today. Hnngg...Nothing new I suppose. Until she came to the last letter. Once more, she saw the old parchment paper, narrowing her eyes, she unrolled it.

Oh dearest Caitlyn, congratulations on catching that fiend in Freljord.

It was quite a feat, although it probably wasn't too hard for you.

It might not be very long before you catch me! Although, we both know I'm joking.

Your skill aren't sharp enough to even match me.

Keep trying

- C

She stared at the letter with mild annoyance. Oh, how he was mocking her now. She hated it, although, she had to admit as frustrating as it was, it was nice to finally have some competition. She folded the parchment up and put it back in the pile.
Don't wait for me, because I'll catch you before you can even blink.