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Pre-set build for recommended items.

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Im Soda

Junior Member


How does the League of Legends community feel about having a pre-set item build. I feel like it would be a good idea to implement a tab where you can customize and have pre-selected items so you don't have to go searching everywhere to find items you want. ex. You want to play AP Tristana. The recommended items for Trist are obviously not AP items. You could select the AP items you want before the match such and Deathcap, Rod of Ages, and Ryali's Crystal Scepter. Now that you have them all located in your seperate tab you don't have to search the store just to find that Deathcap. Give your opinions and suggestions of how you'd think this would work.

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Fizz ln My Mouth



Opps I just posted this exact same thing!

But yes, can we please have this. x_x

My idea was slightly different, in that you could just drag and drop items onto the recommended page for each champion and they would replace the items you drag them onto, and stay there until you change them in another round.

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Senior Member


I think instead of replacing the recommended items build, you have a bookmarked section where you can add your own item choices.

A bit of a memory issue for Riot though, storing bookmarked builds for each champion for each player...