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I'm sure that Riot can develop some kind of Algorithm to calculate your Elo based on:

1) Your usefulness to the team (be it a tank, caster or DPSer)
2) The number of turrets you destroyed (since turrets win games)
3) The amount of minions you killed (since last hitting requires skill)

If such a thing was implemented i would think that we would have more stable Elo.

The current Elo system is unfair because:

Since The Elo calculated is based on Winning/Losing, some players on the losing team might be doing quite well (destroying turrets, ganking etc..) and still lose. Therefore they lose Elo because thier teammates were not on the same level of skill as he was (which is unfair)

The same applies to the winning team. A team could win a game, but still have a feeder/noob on their team. Does that feeder/noob deserve the Elo boost? Ofcourse not. He should recieve a lower Elo boost as he was holding the team back (since this IS a team game)

So please Riot consider applying similar concepts to your MM


EDIT: Delete this thread please, i meant to post in in General Discussion, my bad)

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Your suggestions would most likely turn this game into less of a team game where everyone is simply trying to farm in order to raise their elo.

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Elo is a measure of how well you are able to win. Decoupling it from winning is like saying you want your car's speedometer to measure how much you weigh.